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Bangalore, Berlin
Essay and discussion: Disorienting Beethoven

Disorienting Beethoven - Sharmadip Basu
Disorienting Beethoven - Sharmadip Basu | Photo (detail): © Louisa Marie Summer

Why is Beethoven's music used so often in Indian films? Why did the Indian government issue a stamp commemorating the bicentenary of Beethoven's birth? Sharmadip Basu looks into the matter. 

Beethoven's interest in India's spiritual traditions was purely intellectual. Furthermore, his music in particular and (West) European-style music in general did not reach India until its colonization. In his essay “Disorienting Beethoven”, the scholar Sharmadip Basu undertakes a critical study of Beethoven's relationship to India and of Western influences on colonial and post-colonial India. Basu will be presenting his essay at a discussion event in Berlin.

Planned performance:

  • October 2020 (tbc): Radialsystem Space for Arts and Ideas, Berlin