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Overview of all activities

Due to disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many planned program line-ups in 2020 and 2021 have been either postponed to next year or will be shifted to digital online platforms.

We will continuously update new developments.

SocFilms4SocChange logosTsuji Lam © Goethe-Institut



Wayang & Sembang Collage © FFN

Post Covid19:
Wayang & Sembang

Beginning March 18, 2020, the government of Malaysia had imposed a Movement Control Order (MCO) to control the spread of the COVID 19 virus in the country. This “Wayang and Sembang” (Show and Talk) project was a special initiative conceptualized in agreement with the European Union to bridge the information gap between the less privileged sectors of society during this time of the pandemic and to discuss which effects the pandemic has on these groups. It was a series of 5 sets of online film screenings and forums on Facebook which was carried out in May and June. All the films featured online were produced by FFN and released online a week before the accompanying forum. The moderations of the forums were executed by representatives of the FFN and speakers were experts on the issue and/or representatives from the community.