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Supported films
Freedom Film Fest 2020

Nasir Jani Melawan Lembaga Puaka
Directed by Arian Md Zahari
Duration: 23 min
Nasir Jani © Nasir Jani
The film follows the iconic cult-filmmaker Nasir Jani on his reflective journey and long struggle towards the complex culture and act of censorship in Malaysia which highlights the intertwining of former PM Mahathir’s authoritarianism in the 90’s. The film also visualises multiple perspectives from upcoming filmmakers who are also grappling and negotiating with the logic of film censorship. The film was also chosen to officiate a talk on censorship where a regional film icon Riri Riza from Indonesia shared his personal experience who led the change of the republic’s laws on censorship.
Film trailer

Meniti Senja / The Twilight Years
FFF2020 Film Grant Winner
Duration: 23min
Directed by Lily Fu
Meniti Senja © Meniti Senja The film explores the alarming rise in the elderly being left to fend for themselves in aged care centres and the breakdown of traditional family values in modern Malaysian society that marginalizes the elderly. This film was also chosen as the opening film where 900 tickets were given away for all three screenings. On average 300 people tuned in for each show and talk which was equivalent to a full house at the PJ Live Arts main hall where the festival was held in the past.
Film trailer

Ayahku, Dr.G / My Father, Dr. G
FFF2020 Film Grant Winner
Directed by Loh Jo Yee, Hidayah Hisham and Dominique Teoh
Duration: 18min
My Father Dr. G © My Father Dr. G
Siti finds herself pulled into an unfamiliar world of lengthy legal proceedings and prison visits when her 60-year-old father was arrested for using medical cannabis to treat his chronic illnesses. The film is a story on a daughter’s quest for her father’s justice from a law that puts punishment before public health.
Film trailer

Petani Bukan Pemalas / Farmers Are Not Idlers
FFF2020 Film Grant Shortlist
Directed by Nurfitri Amir
Duration: 17min
Petani Bukan Pemalas ©Petani Bukan Pemalas Azhar is a small holding paddy farmer who rules the bitterness of an exploitative system of commercial seeds imposed by the government that increasingly yields poor harvests. He also faces a battle to correct the government misconceptions of farmers’ failures due to laziness. Azhar decides to band together with other farmers to seek justice and demand a change to their livelihoods.
Film trailer

For more information on the festival program and screening dates, please visit: www.facebook/freedomfilmfest