Blended Learning
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Blended Learning

Blended learning combines face-to-face learning and online learning by taking the benefits of both teaching methods to enhance your learning experience.

Dates and prices

You don’t have much time to attend classes in the Goethe-Institut? You are looking for a course format that allows for flexible timing? But you are familiar with working on a computer, and don’t want to miss out on the advantages of a face-to-face classroom environment? Then a blended learning course is the right programme for you.

A blended learning course offers you the best of both worlds. At the computer you will practice your reading, writing and listening skills and closely interact with other students in forums. During your lessons at the Goethe-Institut you will apply what you have learned and practice your conversation and pronunciation skills.
Our blended learning course is as flexible as you need it to be. Classroom sessions take place once a week. Allow for about 4 extra hours per week for your online studies and homework.
Whether you are at home, work or university - all you need for the blended learning course is a computer or notebook with internet connection. A lot of the exercises are also available for your smartphone.
Your teacher will be available to answer your questions by e-mail, chat, forum or in person during your lessons at the Goethe-Institut. You will also receive regular feedback about your online assignments to ensure that you are on track with your studies.