Adventure German
The Mystery of Nebra

“German: A Learning Adventure – The Mystery of the Nebra Sky Disc” is a “serious game” for learning German as a foreign language, starting at Level A. The game is fun and at the same time conveys and consolidates knowledge of the German language.

Having an exciting adventure, solving a puzzling mystery, and learning German all at once: “Adventure German - The Mystery of Nebra” offers all this. Players set off with art expert Vincent Mirano on an exciting trip through Germany. They wish to find out whether the 4000-year old Nebra Sky Disc has been stolen. Might even a forgery of the oldest-known depiction of the heavens in the world be on display in the museum? And if so, where is the original?

The game makes use of the classical motifs of an adventure game. The players must contact other figures on various levels who aid art expert Vincent Mirano in solving the mystery of the Sky Disc. They assemble objects and words with the purpose of putting them to meaningful use elsewhere.

The players interact in dialogues with various figures and control the course of the action, and thus enter a simulation space that realistically recreates every-day situations. Here, knowledge of German as a foreign language can be put to practical use. As in all adventure games, the search for and combining of game elements is an important ingredient, but without the German language as sole means of communication that produces results, the mystery of the Sky Disc cannot be solved.

As a specialist in art forgery, Vincent Mirano knows his way around in his field of expertise very well. But as a foreigner, he must overcome numerous language hurdles on his thrilling search all through Germany. Most of these tasks have to do with realistic communicative situations, as people learning German experience them in every day life in Germany.

The exciting gameplay serves as the incentive to return to this learning application for smartphones and tablets again and again, thereby improving the player’s knowledge of German as a foreign language.

“The Mystery of the Sky Disc” was developed by Reality Twist in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.