Internationale Deutscholympiade 2020

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Please note:

The developments of the past few weeks have shown that the difficult situation in connection with COVID-19 will last longer and will require responsible action by everyone worldwide. As a consequence, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided that the International German Olympics 2020 will not take place in Germany this year. Instead, the IDO will take place online

Online IDO 3–7 August 2020

Millions of high school students worldwide are invited to take part in the Internationale Deutscholympiade. The motto of this year’s IDO is "Be there! – The IDO comes to you.” Once they’ve won their national qualifying rounds, over 100 German learners age 14 to 17 in over 50 participating countries will be coming together in a virtual space from all five continents. After being hosted in Berlin (2016) and Freiburg (2018), the IDO 2020 will be taking place virtually for the first time.

The winners of the preliminaries all over the world will come to the IDO to vie for the title of World's Best German Learner at three different levels.

The object of the IDO is to kindle enthusiasm for the German language among young people abroad, to promote tolerance for other cultures in general and to open doors to German culture, business and civil society for the contestants.

The finals will be held from 3–7 August 2020 in a Dresden-themed virtual space.

The IDO is organized by the Goethe-Institut in association with the International German Teachers’ Association (IDV).

The Internationale Deutscholympiade serve not only to spark enthusiasm for the German language and Olympic ideals among motivated young people abroad, but also to bolster tolerance for other cultures and to promote a more cosmopolitan Germany.
The finals in a virtual venue will be accompanied by a wide-ranging programme of events and activities, including virtual meet-ups with high-schoolers, artists and other people as well as companies and universities based in or around Dresden or elsewhere in Germany. Participants can also look forward to an exclusive concert, plenty of cultural events and an innovative contest. And feel free to invite family and friends to a number of live events on the programme. With your participation, we aim to make the IDO 2020 a one-of-a-kind worldwide digital event.

Nationale Deutscholympiade in Malaysia

The Malaysian national qualifying round has two legs: 

Preliminary round:
From 17th to 28th February 2020 round 120 students from 78 selected public secondary schools within our Educational Cooperation participated in a video contest. They shot a 1-minute video with the following content:
-  Who are you?
-  What do you love to do?
-  Which role does German play in your life?
-  Why should you receive a scholarship to Germany?

A jury at Goethe-Institut assessed the videos with the criteria: language, creativity/originality, content.

Final round: 21 students qualified for the final round. In teams of 3, they are invited on 26th March 2020 for 30-minutes online interview sessions. The interviews have 3 parts:

Part 1: The students will get to know to each other. They will ask each other questions and answer them.

Part 2: The students will plan something together.

Part 3: In this part, the jury will ask questions. 
-  You are a German student in form 4 or form 5.
-  You speak German at least on level A2. 
-  You hold a valid Malaysian passport.
-  You have never lived longer than 6 months in a
German-speaking country
-  German is not your native language and you don’t have one or more German-speaking parent.

The 2 winners from the Malaysian national final round receive a grant that includes:

-  2-week German language competition in Dresden from 26th July – 8th August 2020
-  Flights, transfers and airport pick-up service
-  Accommodation in twin bed rooms in a youth
hostel in Dresden
-  Full board
-  Free tickets for public transport
-  Accident, liability, and health insurance

On their trip to Germany, they will be accompanied by a German teacher. All teachers will attend a seminar designed to give them fresh input and new ideas for their teaching. The programme also includes visits to Dresden’s schools and conversations with colleagues there. Aspects of German and local culture and sharing news and views are also important aspects of the seminar. The teachers will also join their students in attending the opening and closing events, the supporting programme of events and the award ceremony. 

Nurul Athirah bt Mohd Asri 

School: SMK Chukai in  Terengganu
Teacher: Nur Aisyatul Farhah bt Md Zaher
Watch her video.

I am Nurul Athirah binti Mohd Asri, I am 17 years old and I come from Terengganu, Malaysia. I learn German, because its a subject in my school and I like it so much. My favourite German word is ICH - I, because that is the first word I learnt a few years back. I like especially the architecture and people in Germany and in my home country I also love the people, the culture and actually everything. My favourite word in my mother tongue is KESIHATAN - health, because with good health, we can enjoy the happiness of life. Other than German, I also learn English and a little Arabic. Learning foreign language is especially fun, when I can integrate and chat with tourists from different countries. During IDO, I look forward the most to meeting new people.

Alex Chen Chiau Lik
School: SMK St. Michael in Ipoh
Teacher: Badariah bt Baharuddin
Watch his video.

My name is Alex Chen Chiau Lik, I am 17 years old and I come from Malaysia. I learn German, because I like the language a lot and I like to study in Germany after finishing my school. My favourite word in German is BONBON - candy, because the word had pleased me as I first heard it in German. I like the 4 seasons in Germany, especially winter, and also the nature, punctuality and cleanliness. In my home country I like especially the food, because we all come from different cultures. We also have many festivals and celebrations, for example Chinese new year, Hari Raya Puasa (festival of breaking of fast), Deepavali and Christmas. My favourite word in my mother tongue is 家 = jia - home or family. I love my family the most, because in my family everyone always supports each other. Next to German I also speak English. It is fun learning foreign languages, when I listen to songs or play language games. There is also a lot of exercises in the internet. When taking part in IDO I look forward to learning something new: I would like to meet new friends, learn about the culture and language, and also improve my fluency for the language.