Film Premiere Otherwise We Are Lost

Otherwise we are lost ©Aw See Wee (Ausschnitt)

Sun, 16.10.2022


Documentary Film

This short documentary of 15 minutes takes the audience on a personal journey together with the film director Aw See Wee around the country to meet and converse with many Malaysian contemporary artists in his attempt to meaningfully understand the works and impact of intercultural exchange in the Malaysian context reflecting the ongoing quest on the nation’s cultural identity. 

Aw See Wee

Born in a ceramic-making family in Johor, Malaysia, See Wee Aw pursued his film study in Taiwan. 

See Wee’s film works, often focus on human relationships and social phenomenons, telling daily life stories from simple characters in his realism & fantasy style. His works also have many unique details of visual & sound from cinematography and sound design experiences. 

Besides directing, See Wee also lectures in several colleges and works in several international & local productions such as Indian Summers 2 (UK Series, as Sound Utility) & Shuttle Life (2017) (Malaysian Film, as 2nd AD). His short film work as DP Arnie (2016) was selected in Cannes Critics Week in 2016. 

His latest short film as writer/director Kampung Tapir (2017) has been selected for over 50 film festivals, including Singapore International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand ISFF, Tampere Film Festival, Busan ISFF (NETPAC Award), and Oaxaca Filmfest etc. The film was also mentioned in “Cahiers du cinéma” in 2018. 
See Wee has participated in several workshops such as Asian Film Academy (2017) in Busan, South Korea & won the second price for pitching his feature film project Causeway. The project is in the script development phase and it also has the same background migrant workers story as Kampung Tapir.