Robotic for Children
Robotics and Namibian Youth


  • The Goethe-Institut Namibia in cooperation with MindsInAction presents a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Programme that aims to offer Namibian learners a new approach to knowledge and unveil a path to the application of 21st century skills.

robotics post ©Goethe-Institut Namibia Science and mathematics concepts combined with technology, arts, and engineering principles are revealed through the process of coding, building and programming Dash and Lego robots to perform specified tasks, and to solve well defined problems. Participants are presented with a chance to think of and build their own prototypes after exploring basic electronics, sensors, motors and coding blocks. They learn by doing, applying what they learn at school to real situations to cement the fundamentals of technology and engineering, and the principles of programming through fun activities.

Participants will learn skills including:

  • Problem identification and problem solving
  • To think critically and independently
  • How to develop a prototype solution
  • How to the mathematics and science concepts they learned at school to real life situations.
  • Free expression and raise confidence in one’s abilities.
  • To collaborate with others and practice leadership
Participants have the chance to think of and build their own creations through exploring basic electronics, sensors, motors and alternative energy sources. What is learnt at school can be applied practically in real situations involving the fundamentals of technology and engineering, and the principles of programming through fun activities with robots. Critical thinking is also important and participants will develop research skills when solving real problems.
We offer four levels of robotics:

Level 0            Dash Robot & Programming                                      6 to 8 years
The Dash robot is a cute little blue robot that introduces learners to block coding, sequencing, loops, and math operations. Dash is fun and engaging, leaners can code Dash to do and respond to voice commands, change eye patterns, do repetitive tasks, dance to music, and interact with the environment.

Level 1            Lego Robotics & Programming                                  8 to 16 years
In this module, participants learn the fundamentals of coding, robotics, motors, and sensors. They combine the engineering design process with algorithmic thinking, creativity, and problem solving. They work in teams to solve competitive tasks, share ideas, while still having fun.

Level 2            Coding with Kitten, Gaming and Animation    8 to 16 years
Participants use a graphical coding language called Kitten to create their own games, animations, and tell stories while training their abilities in logical thinking, project management, and team work.

Level 3            Electronics and Coding with Arduino              8 to 16 years
Electronics and coding with Arduino offers an exciting opportunity to start prototyping on small projects using the Arduino Uno micro-controller. Participants are also introduced to a wide range of Arduino sensors, motor control, and soldering.

Each term we offer a level 0 and Level 1 course, while start of level 2 and 3 courses depend on the number of registrations.
Learners register with a once-off payment of 1600 NAD, for 8 weeks (8 Saturdays), from 10h00 – 12h00 at the Goethe-Institut, 1 -5 Fidel Castro Street, Windhoek.

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