Creative Design Lab 2020
Interdisciplinary Performance Art Production

  • CDL Team Pano ©Willem Vrey
  • CDL Team 1 ©Willem Vrey
  • CDL Pano cropped ©Willem Vrey

Interdisciplinary Black Box Installation in Namibia

The Goethe-Institut Namibia and National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) have partnered to provide performance artists and technical creatives the opportunity to collaborate on a Black Box Installation for the creative scene in Namibia, while sharing skills and ideas in a Creative Design Lab (CDL). The immersive installation will provide the audience with a new and invigorating way of experiencing theatre through performance and digital arts.

Applications were open and have resulted in the selection of 10 creatives and audio-visual technicians to be part of the CDL that will result in the staging of Cycle Interrupted – their creation of a Black Box Installation booked for the NTN Backstage Theatre from 11-16 November 2020.

The CDL is a two-month process through which participants aim to bridge the gap between technical creatives or designers and experimental performance artists.

CDL Crew

CDL Desmond ©Opas Desmond Coetzee – Technical Director
Desmond has experience of over 15 years in the entertainment industry and earned it through working in theatre and live corporate events. He finds the turning ideas into unique experiences using technology.

CDL Kate ©Opas Kate Metzopolous – Performance Curator
Kate is a drama teacher during the day and has a diverse background in delivering theatre and dance workshops in the UK. She has explored eclectic forms of dance theatre such as Butoh and is excited to engage with others in this inter-disciplinary performance installation.

CDL Fellemon ©Opas Fellemon Ndongo – Stage Manager
Fellemon has qualifications in media arts technology and communication. He is a well-known filmmaker and performer with interest in the live events industry. He has experience in writing and directing numerous stage productions.

CDL Angelina ©Opas Angelina Akawa – Performer
Angelina is a multidisciplinary performance artist – poet, actress and musician. She is a drama student and keen on using arts to tell stories, sometimes in absurd ways to share her experiences with the audience.

CDL Mel ©Opas Mel Mwevi – Performer
Mel is a creative storyteller who employs numerous mediums such as theatre, music and spoken word poetry to convey the message. She has an honours degree in live performance and is working on projects that combine film, craftsmanship and writing.

CDL Gillroy ©Opas Gillroy Barmann – Light Designer and Technician
Gillroy is a systems technician with vast experience in a variety of live events including theatre, concerts and corporate works. He has specialised training in theatre and studio lighting, and is passionate about working with a team for effective results.

CDL Jermaine ©Opas Jermaine Mbundu – Sound Designer and Technician
Jermaine has experience in event management and has a qualification in sound engineering. He has been contracted as the sound engineer for local and international projects, and frequent consults on sound engineering, live audio engineering and recording audio engineering.

CDL Martin ©Opas Martin Amushendje – Videographer and Media Content Creator
Martin is naturally a creative and has invested his time in photography and music. With international recognition for his photographs and with his fourth album waiting for its debut, Martin is and independent creative and has collaborated with others to be co-founder of more than one establishment on the creative scene.

CDL Manfred ©Opas Manfred Isaacks – Audio Visual Designer and Technician
Manfred is a freelance lighting and audio visual designer. He has extensive experience in the discipline and believe in unlocking the value of technicians in the arts and entertainment industry for everyone to become part of a creative collective.

CDL West ©Opas WEST Uarije – Performer
WEST is a renowned Namibian dancer, choreographer and owner of the West Dance Centre in one of Windhoek’s informal settlements. Having studied the discipline and offered dance workshops to young Namibians in remote areas, WEST was chosen to choreograph some prestigious corporate and national events.

The global demand for innovation in Live Arts Performance is inviting the creative and cultural fraternity of Namibia towards a more collaborative and immersive exploration of the Live Art and Digital Design Space. It is against this background that the Goethe-Institut Namibia and NTN have decided to collaborate on a Creative Design Lab that aims to bridge the gap between technical creatives / designers and experimental performance artists- for them to work together to exhibit an immersive theatrical installation aiming to address critical conversations.