Creative Entrepreneurship Programme

CEP 2021 slide ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • CEP 2021 Beneficiaries slide ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • CEP 2021 slide ©Goethe-Institut Namibia

Creative Entrepreneurship Programme 2021 Beneficiaries

After the careful consideration and deliberation of over 100 applications, an independent jury had selected the top ten businesses to participate in this year’s Creative Entrepreneurship Programme. Consultations and workshops with the beneficiaries have begun and are to continue for the remainder of 2021 before the final presentation of their business idea and its development.

CEP Daniel Nelumbu ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Daniel Nelumbu – iBuynam – Live online streaming and Video on Demand.

CEP John Keendjele ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia John Keendjele – Jele Interactive – Online presence of business through website and App Design.

CEP Kevin Sabati ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Kevin Sabati – Kesa Media – Creative solutions for events.

CEP Mitch Goaseb ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Mitch Goaseb – MitchNation inc – Marketing business.

CEP Moses Gabriel ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Moses Gabriel – Blueflake Investments cc – Marketing and branding business.

CEP Tutaleni Ilonga ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Tutaleni Ilonga – TL – Entertainment – Technology of gaming, film and comic books.

CEP Veronica and Vaughan ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Veronica Frederico and Vaughan Weiss – Wision Media and Drafting – 3D Visuals and animations for events.

CEP Sharon van der Smit ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Sharon van der Smit – Two Moonns Films – Videographers and Filmmaking.

CEP Zachary von Francois ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Zachary von Francois – ZvF – Marketing and branding business.

CEP Andreas Gustav ©Shy Guy for Goethe-Institut Namibia Andreas Gustav – Ngandu TV – Film production and online streaming.

Present your business ideas

The Goethe-Institut Namibia in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) are once again offering an opportunity for entrepreneurs in Namibia’s creative industry to identify business opportunities, develop the business ideas and create economic growth. The Creative Entrepreneurship Programme (CEP) is back and open to creatives in Namibia. The programme wishes to focus on three (3) sections within the creative industry. These sections are Design & Production (Fashion, Graphic, and Interior) Performing Arts (Live Music, Theatre, Dance etc.), Visual Arts (Paintings, Photography, Sculptures etc.). Groups – maximum of two persons - are also welcome to apply. Only one registration of one business plan per team will be accepted.

The three-fold aim of this project is namely to encourage and inspire creative entrepreneurs in Namibia to 1) identify lucrative business opportunities;  2) develop their business ideas and 3) to implement a business plan. The long term aim of the Creative Entrepreneurship Programme is to create economic growth in the creative industries.
As we know, the creative industry has been identified as one with great potential to create employment but very often, creatives cannot sustain themselves with their products or services alone and this has become even harder with the global pandemic.  The CEP 2021 will therefor take the approach of providing relevant components to help these businesses grow.

  • Business training, mentoring and networking sessions covering the areas of business development, entrepreneurial self-understanding, design thinking, marketing and customer research and personas, branding, sales, establishing partnerships, legal issues and insurances, finance management, health and pitching.
  • Online and in person Workshops in the said aspects of a creative business
  • Mentoring programme: expert advice delivered by persons with local and international experience in the relevant industries. The use of technology to get Namibian entrepreneurs in touch with persons abroad will be applied.
  • Peer to Peer development: bringing the identified entrepreneurs together with a business coach will provide them access to critical thinking and advice on the development of their creative business ideas. Emphasis is on peer-to-peer communication.
  • Success and Failure: Established entrepreneurs in Namibia will hold regular meetings to present and discuss the best practices to achieve the desired outcomes. These will be geared towards inspiration and motivation. A few failures will also be presented and discussed for the entrepreneurs to understand how the business ideas have failed.  
The CEP is an incubator service for entrepreneurs that is supported by the GIZ Startup programme.

Contact Donovan Majiedt for more information.