Curatorship Bootcamp 2019
Interdisciplinary approach to curation

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Learning in a gallery

Curator in Latin means the manager or overseer: a person who – traditionally - takes care of content in a library, gallery or museum. He or she is a content specialist responsible for a collection of cultural heritage and its interpretation. In contemporary art, the fluidity of the role is reflected in the diverse dynamics and structures of institutions around the world. Following the boom of cultural institutions in the late 20th century, the influence of a curator today can be phenomenal in the development or arts and culture.

It is within this context that Goethe-Institut Namibia (Goethe) and National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) present their first Curatorship Bootcamp 2019 from 20-24 May. Designed to focus on the transfer of skills, the 5-day bootcamp has an interdisciplinary approach.
Snobia Kaputu NAGN CEO ©NAGN “Participants will experience the alignment of theory with practice within the gallery setting,” said NAGN Chief Executive Officer, Snobia Kaputu. She explained the goal is to increase the knowledge of students, graduates and arts enthusiasts for them to widen the visibility and relevance of Visual Arts in Namibia.

Application is closed and no more participants can be accommodated. Submit any queries to

Internationally recognised curators from Namibia, South Africa and Nigeria will facilitate the bootcamp in Windhoek at the NAGN to share their knowledge and experience through interactive modes of communication. They will explore topics including conceptualisation, exhibition design, art conservation, events management and marketing.

“We approach this project with the optimism of potentially identifying local curators for exhibitions in 2019/2020 at the Goethe-Institut Namibia and NAGN,” said Goethe Cultural Programmes, Michelle A. Namases.
For more information, download the outline below.