Museum Conversations 2019

An approach to a new museology in Africa

Independence Memorial Museum Tim Brunauer ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
Museums in Africa are undergoing a process of change. Directors of the new generation critically scrutinize existing collections and traditional forms of exhibition and presentation. With the series "Museum Conversations", the Goethe-Institut brings international academics, museum experts and curators together to discuss the future of African museums from a post-colonial perspective.

Following a series of events during 2018 in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Namibia regarding approaches of decolonialization to the institution of museums, the Goethe-Institut Namibia and the University of Namibia (UNAM) are collaborating on this year’s edition of Museum Conversations in Windhoek.

The symposium will take place at the Habitat Research and Development Center from the 18-20 September 2019 and will connect researchers, practitioners and artists alike on a wide range of topics. It aims to pick up where last year’s events left off and discuss new museum projects, models of restitution and more innovative structures to connect audiences and institutions. Speakers from all around the continent and beyond, including Prof. George Abungu (Kenia), Prof. Ciraj Rassool (SA) and members of the International Council of Museums, the Übersee Museum and curators from over ten innovative museums in Africa have been invited.

The symposium’s cutting-edge setup of workshops, discussions as well as lectures allows for a fruitful baseline to further examine the current post-colonial museum landscape. This will allow the discourse around a new museology to flourish and marks a critical step in the process of innovation of museums today. 

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The "Museum Conversations" are a series of projects run by the Goethe-Institutes in Sub-Saharan Africa and take place at the participating locations in cooperation with local national museums, museums associations ministries and UNESCO. They offer space for the initiation of an inner African discourse.