Night Under the Stars
Opportunities on stage

Develop local music

Night Under the Stars (NUTS) was established in 2014 to create a platform for local musicians, where they showcase their talents and are exposed to the audience. The project targets new and upcoming musicians who are not yet established but also welcomes those who have been on the scene for a while.

  • Whilzahn Nuts Poster ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Sprengler Nuts Poster ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Solasphera Nuts Poster ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Blend Nuts Poster ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Lize Ehlers Nuts Poster ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Shiva Child Nuts Poster ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
“We are looking for diversity in terms of genre and set ups,” said Ruth Suermann who was the acting director of the Goethe Zentrum in Windhoek that time. She said the project intentionally keeps the entrance free to the concerts very low to attract an audience and make access to local music easy for all. The crux of NUTS is a musician’s ability to perform live and instruments are a must.
  • Namib Tales ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Solasphera ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Blend ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Essence ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Essence 2 ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
The Goethe in Namibia has never cancelled a show and is proud to have been part of the career development of musicians from amateur to professionals. “Some musicians who have performed on the NUTS stage as newbies in 2014 and 2015 have propelled into the industry and returned to the NUTS stage as professionals,” said Suermann.
  • Heather Nuts ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Lize Ehlers ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • The Power of One ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Ghetto Ballerina Nuts ©Goethe-Institut Namibia

Apart from local acts, NUTS has over the years also welcomed musicians from Germany, Canada, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Angola to name a few. Each NUTS concert that welcomes musicians outside of Namibia encourages cooperation and cultural exchange with local musicians.
  • New Beginnings ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Freedom ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • Slickartie ©Goethe-Institut Namibia
  • New Beginnings 2 ©Goethe-Institut Namibia

If you are an upcoming musician and would appreciate the opportunity to feature on the NUTS stage, contact Michelle A. Namases with your biography and samples of your music.

Michelle A. Namases