Short Story Workshop and Competition
In times of pandemic

In times of pandemic banner ©Goethe-Institut Namibia


In November 2020, the Goethe-Institut called on Namibians or people living in Namibia to write a short story on the theme "In Times of a Pandemic". Preparatory writing workshops were also held over three weeks.

Over 30 short stories were submitted, exceeding expectations. After the closing date for entries, a jury consisting of Namibian writers Sylvia Schlettwein, Beauty Boois and T.J. Benson - an acclaimed writer from Nigeria - met virtually.
In the criterion of language, creativity, originality and writing technique, the jury awarded each work points from 1 to 10. After the announcement of a "short list" of 9 finalists, 3 authors were awarded with prize money.

Mel A Kelly ©Photo Contributed 1st prize (N$ 5,000)
Lockdown with the Shining Prince: The negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic extend beyond the physical and economic aspects of life and exacerbate mental-health issues.
by Mel A. Kelly - A professional writer and editor from England living in Namibia since 1998.


Praise for “Lockdown with the Shining Prince”
It wasn't surprising for me to find this story at the top of all our lists. Mel. A. Kelly's wit and narrative prowess kept me intrigued from the first line to the surprising end. There is really nothing i can say that won't be a spoiler, except, well, go read it now!
TJ Benson

Charmaine Gamxamus ©Photo Contributed 2nd prize (N$ 3,000)
Dehisce: The magical story of living between the dark and light realms before being submerged in the dark and the struggle to balance the scales.
by Charmaine //Gamxamus - A multitalented writer, poet and activist from Namibia whom is also a nuclear medicine technologist.

Praise for “Dehisce”
Dehisce was a strong favourite with all three judges from the start, with good reason: This story is a clever weave of  past, present, future, myth, cultural heritage and the reality of the pandemic, which draws the reader into a realm of Namibian phantastic realism. And without being cheesy, it left me with something that we all need right now: the warm feeling that all will be well.
Sylvia Schlettwein

Lloyd Winini ©Photo Contributed 3rd prize (N$1,000)
Shungu: The eventful story of an albino teenager and how he overcomes the many challenges in life before falling in love.
by Lloyd Tendai Tawanda - An award-winning writer and film director from Zimbabwe living in Namibia since his early 20s.

Praise for “Shungu”
The writing is captivating and deeply enthralling. Tawanda’’s ability to hook the reader’s attention and awaken paintings of the story through mental pictures is unparalleled. The story is beautifully written and unfolds in a way that leaves the reader yearning for more. 
Beauty Boois