Family Matters - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Various people at different stages of life and age. Grafik: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

The DRC is explored through the eyes of royalty, an urban family, a polygamist Muslim and a mother of six with a drunk husband. From the preservation of traditions and customs to the importance of tertiary education and relations with previous generations, the videos allow a viewer into the homes of individuals.

Creator Statement

“As it was a subject that touched on the intimate lives of families, many people did not agree [to participate] at all. In addition, as it was about making photos and videos of these families, it was not easy. I learned a lot listening to the families’ stories, I really liked the differentiation between the families. I enjoyed telling the stories of these families, listening to these people and discovering new lives that are just as different from each other.” - Myra Dunoyer Vahighene