Family Matters - Namibia

Various people at different stages of life and age. Grafik: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

Namibia is explored through short videos in which viewers are welcomed into the homes of five families who share their lives and histories. From a same sex couple and traditional Christian family, to exile during the liberation struggle and welcoming a step-child, these videos are testimony of the diverse and young African country.

Creator Statement

“This project was really challenging and rewarding in so many ways. Production took place in the midst of the Covid pandemic so the production process was surrounded by a lot of uncertainty and having to work around members of families testing positive or in isolation. In the end, I found that we are such a multi coloured, multi-faceted and diverse nation, but one common thread throughout all families was LOVE. Love for the family unit and love for one another.” - Lila Swanepoel