Otjomuise Live Arts Festival (OLAF)
Bridging life & arts in the city

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OLAF - Otjomuise Live Arts Festival

2021 marks the inauguration of OLAF (Otjomuise Live Arts Festival); an annual live arts festival that aims to bridge everyday life and the arts in Windhoek, by offering opportunities for live artistic forms to be showcased and/or exhibited within the city’s public spaces. Co-pro­duced by the National Theatre of Namibia and Goethe-Institut Namibia, OLAF is largely brought about by the inaccessibility of the majority of Windhoek’s inhabitants to various artistic expressions; often limited to indoor, and at times, inaccessible areas of the city. Thus, OLAF offers opportunities for immersive, experimental, and refreshing artistic forms to be showcased or installed in public sites where life and the arts can meet. This is to reflect not only the city’s environmental character, but also its rich heritage and artistic expressions that it holds, which its inhabitants need to be impacted by.

The name Otjomuise stems from the Otjiherero name for the city, which means ‘place of steam’.

The week-long programme features free small-scaled happenings, in­stallations, performances, and public engagements spread across the city. The themes covered include:

     - Leisure and scenery; access to collective pleasure.

     - Identity and collective-public memory.

     - Navigations of everyday socio-economic issues.

Set to take place on an annual basis, the festival ultimately aims to con­tribute towards a city that enables dynamic and accessible live artistic forms for cohesion, collective reflections and enlightenment.

The festival is proudly brought to you in partnership with City of Windhoek, Namibia Broadcasting Corporation, and ConSoAv.

OLAF is further supported by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Namibia, Equipped Dance Academy, College of the Arts, Eldorado Secondary School, and Tobias Hainyeko Primary School.

Download full festival program.