Easy German in Namibia!
German language teaching tools online

The international and well-known platform of Easy German is now available in Namibia with videos from Namibia that were created by German foreign language scholars from various schools during February to June 2016.

Easy German is available on various websites and is a tool for German language teachers when teaching the foreign language. The locally produced videos can be used in many ways to expose Namibian learners to the use of the German language, expand learners’ vocabulary and also witness how common the use of the language is in Namibia. A total of seven videos from Namibia are available on the Easy German Youtube channel. 

About 50 learners from Martin Luther High in Okombahe, Windhoek High School, Deutsche Hohere Privatschule, St. Pauls College and Concordia College received video training from the Easy German crew and went on an expedition to explore the German language through interviews and conversations.

Learners from Martin Luther High stayed in Okombahe and explored a nearby farm ran by a Namibian-German family.

Learners from the other schools joined a German speaking Namibian of local descent on a tour of the capital city, Windhoek. During the tour, learners developed an understanding of the presence of the German language in the capital and how important it is for professionals such as tour guide to be able to speak the language.

Other visits around the capital city included an interview with the German ambassador to Namibia; a visit to a nearby farm ran by the fourth generation of a German family who regularly host tourists and a tour of Namibia Breweries’ facility to understand the process of making beer; a beverage associated with Germany and very popular in Namibia.
The last day of shooting the videos by learners was all about discovering more of Windhoek and identifying how many tourists and locals speak German. This was followed by an informative session with the network of German language teachers in Namibia on how to use the videos when teaching the language.