Lab Coding Week 2019

Fingers on Ipad Kabul ©Bernard Ludewig

Mon, 29.04.2019 -
Thu, 02.05.2019

Goethe-Institut Namibia

1–5 Fidel Castro Street
P.O.B. 12 08

Augmented Reality and Books

Students from the Namibia University of Science and Technology, University of Namibia and University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany will convene for the Coding Week 2019 that will bring five children’s books to life through an augmented reality.

The total of 24 information and communication technology, and language students (6 from UNAM, 12 from NUST and 6 from Berlin) will develop a Smartphone app from a selection of five Namibian books. Readers use the app with the book and can experience a digital extension to the story on their Android or Apple device.

Two of the students participating will travel to Berlin, where they will present their app at the Conference on Culture and Computer Science; Virtual History and Augmented Present.

Coding Week 2019 is not open to the public.

Contact for more information.

Coding Week 2019