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Für Nigerianische Künstler*Innen
Call for participation

We Make Books with Goethe-Institut Cameroon and Mosaiques, present:
Co-Publishing Art Books in Africa?
Workshop on co-publishing, networking event and mini-book fair with public panels from 16 to 19 February 2023 / Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Submission deadline: December, 18, 2022

call for application©Goethe-Institut Nigeria

call for application


We Make Books invites art publishers from Africa to participate in a program that looks at the questions ad challenges around co-publishing between art book and magazine publishers in Africa.
The program supports the creation of a dynamic network of art publishers on the African continent and the participants are invited to become part of a group of publishers engaged in a continuous exchange on art book and magazine making.


  1. travel grant to Yaoundé (transport, accommodation and visa fees)
  2. participation in workshop (in English and French with informal translation) that focus on strategies and methodologies of co-publishing with the objective to develop cooperation between publishers and start co-publishing projects to be implemented in 2023.


  1. moderated peer-exchange, input sessions, ideathons
  2. a table to represent your book and magazine projects in a mini-book fair with public panels and book signing
  3. a workshop for artist book making


Publishers, artists and other book and magazine producers (such as galleries and art initiatives) from Africa who publish or want to publish art books and magazines. You have to be interested in co-publishing and are invited to bring your co-publishing ideas or projects.

Please send your application (motivation letter, list of publications or link to online presence) in English or French to until December, 18, 2022.