The Art & Tech Podcast: Episode 06 - Goethe-Institut Nigeria

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The Art & Tech Podcast: Episode 06

The Art & Tech Podcast: Episode 6 Banner © Goethe-Institut / Jeremiah Ikongio

Does a Nomad ever get tired of the Journey?

For this final episode, we take a walk with Rahima Gambo to explore her lens-based practice, we dig into her #JuneGate live performance on Instagram in response to COVID-19 as well as the structures of the local art scene, and discover what it means to be a Tired Nigerian Artist in 2020.

Rahima Gambo (b.1986 in London, UK) lives and works in Abuja, Nigeria, and is a multimedia artist and photographer who started her artistic practice by working independently on long-form transmedia documentary projects. Currently, she explores the narrative and experimental capabilities of "walking" as it intersects with documentary storytelling, female bodies, psycho-spiritual-geography, socio politics, urban environment and autobiography. She incorporates sculpture, drawing, sound, video, installation, and performance in her work.
  • Rahima Gambo © C. Rahima Gambo
  • Project/Rahima Gambo © C. Rahima Gambo