The ABC of Project Management

ABC Gruppenbild © Goethe-Institut Nigeria / Judith Häser
The ABC of Project Management, a year-long workshop series by Goethe-Institut Nigeria, was designed to support mid-level professionals in the creative, cultural and social scenes in Nigeria. The Workshop series provided the participants with insights about the following:  project development, funding, sponsoring, legal issues, visibility strategies and cooperation building.

Below are the feedbacks from some of the participants and facilitators of the project.

Workshop Feedback

Olamide Udoma-Erjoh © Olamide Edoma-Erjorh The ABC of Project Management Training put together by Goethe Institut, CCA Lagos and 16/16 was an enriching experience. It has put in motion the production of better planned projects that will impact Lagos' urban, architectural and cultural spaces. The training emphasised innovations (thinking out of the box) around marketing and funding, which is needed for small organisations like Lagos Urban Development Initiative and Open House Lagos. From the training a fantastic network of young project managers has been birthed and I am extremely grateful to be a part of this network.

Olamide Udoma-Erjorh, Participant, Lagos
Lagos Urban Development Initiative
Emmanuel Acha © Stanley Ekuma Going through Goethe Institut Nigeria's ABC of Project Management Workshops (I, II and III) under the tutelage of experts from Germany, Nigeria and other parts of Africa has been very rewarding in advancing my professional work and understanding the dos and don’ts of project management. I now possess relevant competence, character and connection required to function as an effective project manager, not just for the Artfrika TV project (which has to do with production of short documentaries on amazing African arts, cultures and festivals) but also for other social enterprise projects that my organization is currently implementing and will undertake in the future. Very much thanks to Goethe-Institut Nigeria for this lifetime impact and support for the advancement of my professional work.
Emmanuel Acha, Participant, Enugu
Artfrika TV
Isabelle Siemer © Goethe-Institut Newsealand It was a beautiful experience to listen to the ideas and plans the participants have for their future projects. Lots of questions were asked, inspirations collected and I hope we could assist them in the creation of their project charters, financial plans and all those upcoming reports they need to be ready for. The best of luck to all of them!
Isabelle Siemer, Facilitator, Deutschland
Maiga Attaher © Attaher Maiga The ABC of Project Management Workshop has been a great experience for me. It was a real pleasure for me to be involved as a facilitator. The sessions were intense moments of exchange and sharing of best practices with local cultural entrepreneurs but also with other facilitators. The occasion was timely to present the experience of the Foundation Festival sur le Niger and its entrepreneurial model (Maaya Entrepreneurship), a model inspired by local values. This program is relevant to cultural entrepreneurs in Nigeria, and it will help to further structure the cultural sector in Nigeria. I take this opportunity to thank Goethe-Institute Nigeria and its partners 16by16 and Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) for organizing this useful program.
Attaheer Maiga, Facilitator, Mali
Foundation Festival sur le Niger
Donald Unanaka © Donald Unanaka The ABC of Project Management training for me was a blessing in many aspects, from the beginning of the training I got special attention as a physically challenged person. The best moment for me was when the Goethe-Institut had to change the venue of the second module because the venue wasn’t accessible to wheelchair. To me this gesture demonstrated Goethe-Institut commitment to involve people with disabilities in their programs.
I leant so much from the training, and I made lots of connection that I will forever cherish, I learnt so much about designing a project charter, it was very revealing. What I learnt in the training is already helping me as I am planning for the Abuja International Arts Ability Festival which is coming up on the 3-4th December, 2019 in Abuja. The training exposed me to all areas of project management training; I have already started applying the funding and fundraising aspect of the training to our festival.

Donald Unanka, Participant, Abuja
Potters Gallery Initiative
Steve Tchoumba © Régis Ow It was for me a great experience to be part of the Goethe Institute’s ABC of Project Management Workshop. I really want to thank Friederike Möschel, director of the Goethe-Institut Nigeria, for proposing the format that we had for our sessions, one based on sharing experience with the entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs in their own right have a vast amount of knowledge built over the years from building their creative businesses. My role was merely to facilitate the conversation around building a brand, networking and visibility strategies. We achieved our goals by Sharing good practices, what has worked and what has not worked so well and what lesson could be learned.
Steve Tchoumba, Facilitator, Cameroon