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Digital Workshop Series Teaser© Goethe-Institut / Jeremiah Ikongio

Digital workshop series
Networking and its Power in Times of Crisis

The German-French Culture Fund, Institut Français du Nigeria, Goethe-Institut Nigeria and Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) organize a digital modular workshop programme on the importance of cultural networking.

The Nigerian cultural scene has been flourishing over the past years. Despite financial difficulties, there were always possibilities - especially for already well-established projects – to find sponsors e.g. banks or food processing companies.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the cultural scene worldwide, has demonstrated how fast traditional structures can vanish into thin air. In order to keep the Nigerian cultural scene alive and functional, structures and platforms henceforth have to be modified. The health crisis has gradually brought to a halt all cooperation and mobility projects taking place worldwide. Faced with this unprecedented situation, everyone seeks solutions to maintain or transform them, particularly via digital tools.

Important questions are right now: What can we finally learn from these live experiments and this forced pause? When the circulation of people and the dissemination of works is once again possible, what do we want to keep from these experiences?

With the support of the German-French Culture Fund and in cooperation with the Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA), Institut Français du Nigeria and Goethe-Institut Nigeria develop a series of online workshops that focus on the necessary modification and the advantages of creating and working in networks. Conceived as reflection and action workshops around three main topics, this participatory meetings will bring together French, German and Nigerian professionals mobilized by these issues who will be able to report on the responses that are being invented, in the diversity of contexts around the world.

Four digital workshops (each workshop will be 1,5 days) will take place between March and October 2021.

The experts from Nigeria, France and Germany will present and discuss topics such as

  • Lessons learnt during the COVOD-19 pandemic – how can cultural initiatives react on the new circumstances
  • The art of networking – how cultural initiatives benefit from sharing
  • Administrational and legal challenges

In a resume session, participants will present and discuss their first experiences with setting up networks


After a series of digital workshops which started in March 2021, the German-French Culture Fund, in collaboration with the Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA), Institut Français du Nigeria and Goethe-Institut Nigeria, is concluding the project focusing on the necessary modification and the advantages of networking in the Nigerian cultural scene.

Below are the participants and a peek into their individual projects:

Daniel Uti © Daniel Uti Daniel Uti hails from Ndoni town in Rivers state, southern Nigeria. He is a student of Mathematics and Computer science at the National Open University of Nigeria.
He is an artist, a documentary photographer and poet. Since 2017, he has made his focus on culture and Modern art, which has taken turns in abstract expressionism, portraiture and mixed media.

He was nominated under the category of “Most Artistic Personality” at the Nigerian teen choice awards at the maritime exhibition (Blue Economy) in 2018.

He also participated at the coal city art exhibition themed “African child” and Opobo at 150 years photography exhibition (documentary).

His work explores the varying relation between social effects of situations and the cultural implications on the human mind and emotions.
Edima Imara © Edima Imara Edima Imara is the creative director of Dance Ville Entertainment, the Chair of Amethyst Dance Foundation and the convener of the Dance Worka Project.

She runs a dance studio and creates dance themed activities for stage, arena and screens.
Edima currently trains and guides individuals on paths for sustainable dance practices in small cities.

She is a producer, choreographer and writer. She prides herself in the ability to provide dance solutions for social problems.
Vetum Galadima © Vetum Galadima Vetum Gima Galadima is a multidisciplinary artist. She graduated from Ahmadu Bello University with a B.A in Archaeology.
Passionate about cultural heritage, Vetum has served as a tour guide with the National Commission for Museum and Monuments at the Osun Sacred Grove.

She is also a 2021 Fellow of the Arts in Medicine program.

Using various mediums, she explores the intersection between technology, heritage and art.

Ochai Ogaba © Ochai Ogaba Ochai Ogaba is a Kaduna based Dancer, Choreographer and photographer. He is the founder and artistic director of Mud Art Company. He has participated in exhibitions as an exhibiting photographer as well as a curator.

In 2017 he co-curated the Kaduna centenary exhibition.

His works proffer healing possibilities and creates safe spaces in Northern Nigeria by pushing the concept of human to human connections in the world and creating spaces for people with disabilities to be creative and expressive.

He has worked with a California-based dance company called “Jacob Jonas The Company” to make a film project. He has developed working relationships with Alliance Francaise Lagos, Institut Francais du Nigeria, Goethe-Institut and the Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos. He is currently working on his third production titled COMPOUND.
Amba Idongesit © Amba Idongesit Amba Idongesit Peter is a passionate storyteller, content strategist, and project manager from Nigeria. She’s had a taste of diverse industries: PR, tech, film, fashion, amongst others. She started her career mainly as a volunteer correspondent for the Commonwealth, helping amplify the voices of people in her community.

She currently serves as the editor for a digital magazine, Red Edit, and is a technical director for the famous big brother show. She cares about continuously leveraging her skill sets to influence social justice, connect, educate and entertain people worldwide.

Amba values the art and business of filmmaking, its level of detail, plus the synergy of teamwork. She recently had the opportunity to train with Africa’s best directors - Kenneth Gyang and Biyi Bandele - on a Netflix Project produced by Ebonylife Studios. She is constantly seeking to tell and share authentic stories.

For Amba, “life should be cherished, and at every moment you have to share, listen or talk about what you believe in, do it.”
Sada Malumfashi © Sada Malumfashi Sada Malumfasi is an arts curator interested in the nexus of culture and identity. He is a 2019 Fellow of Reporters Without Borders Germany, 2019 Fellow of Arts Omi Residency and 2018 Fellow of the Goethe-Institute/Sylt Foundation African Residency in Germany.

He is the Founder of Open Arts, a literary collective where he curates the Hausa International Book and Arts festival (HIBAF), a crisscross festival of arts and language and the Kaduna International Poetry Festival, which uses poetry to fix fragile community bonds in northern Nigeria.

He was selected as one of the youth leaders in culture to participate in the 2019 International Colloquium “Culture for the Future – Creativity, Innovation and Dialogue for Inclusive Development” organized by the European Commission to charter means of using culture as a tool for opportunities and alleviating security and conflict especially in developing nations.

Oluwayemisi Odidiomo © Oluwayemisi Odidiomo Oluwayemisi Odidiomo is a co-founder and director of Deutsches Haus Cultural Initiative, a Nigerian-German Center for Intercultural Encounters in Ile-Ife.

She is since 2013 a German Teacher and Cultural Mediator. She works especially with the youths. Apart from teaching German, she promotes young people, mainly women, in showcasing their talents by organizing different projects that make youths connect with each other in the areas of Arts and Culture.

Due to her area of study- Gender and Development - her concentration is mostly on female empowerment and child development. This inspires her new project in Deutsches Haus. She is presently into developing Children’s library, one of its kind in Ile-Ife, which will serve as an arena for children to learn academically and culturally.
Emmanuel Ndefo © Emmanuel Ndefo Emmanuel Ndefo works as a researcher, traveler, Performance/ textile artist and a choreographer of dance. In general, his works are based on movement systems in their emotive and material context.

This can be seen as an adventure and search for the materiality of action, gestures, motion and performance that underlies every human activity.

He is interested in space, the manipulation of space, and the gestural affordances of curated spaces.

Although his principal medium of enquiry is his body within a contemporary framework, there is a conscious avoidance of being bound by trends, fashion or styles in the art world. This approach permits an open, creative mobility and stimulates a vitality, which stems from the body and movement but goes beyond into the realm of photography, installations, sublimation, and other strands of artistic representations.
James Notin © James Notin James Notin (Richard Kayode O.) is an experimental artist whose work investigates with interest the spaces of the individual and it’s intersections and position in universals, and interest the self in exploring Yoruba and it’s “-ism”. James is curator with Tantdile Xperimenta Lab.

Participating Experts

Marie le Sourd © Marie le Sourd

​Marie Le Sourd

Marie Le Sourd is since 2012 the Secretary General of On the Move, the cultural mobility information network active in Europe and worldwide. 

Patrick Föhl © Patricia Haas

Dr. phil. Patrick S. Föhl

Dr. phil. Patrick S. Föhl, born 1978 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, founder and director of the »Network for Cultural Consulting« in Berlin.

​Aduke Gomez © ​Aduke Gomez

Aduke Gomez

Aduke Gomez utilises her legal and advisory skills to assist in business and creative development.

Gernot Wolfraum © Causalus Fotografie

Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram

Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram works as author and professor for Media- and Arts Management at the Macromedia University Berlin.

Oyindamola Fakeye © Femi Adewuyi

Oyindamola Fakeye

Oyindamola Fakeye is an Experiential Art Curator and a Learning and Participation Producer. 

Julie Kretzschmar © Julie Kretzschmar

Julie Kretzschmar

Julie Kretzschmar is a French dramaturg and artistic director based in Marseille. 

Salifu Ayomide © Salifu Ayomide

Salifu Ayomide

Salifu Ayomide is a Nigerian data, information and digital communications consultant, writer and literary critic.