Pasch Workshop in Nigeria © Goethe-Institut / Oluwatosin Olajide

Online Workshop for PASCH Pupils

Report on the 3 day online workshop for Nigerian PASCH pupils from the 1st till 3rd September 2020 titled “Learning online and Dealing with Fake-News on the Internet”

The fact that the usage of the ever changing new digital media landscape has been termed overwhelming and bewildering is no longer a news. This long established fact has been proved by many adult internet-users, who grapple with the continuous updates and the emerging challenges. But not only the adult is confronted with these problems, the youths also have to deal with the ever advancing digitalization-most especially during the Covid-19 period. The existence of fake-news and the intentional misapplication of it to spread rumors, thereby causing confusion and creating chaos cannot be denied. The negative effects emanating from this Fake News are evident across the globe. It is therefore paramount to equip the young minds and the innocent users of the digital media on how to use the digital tools available in order to avoid the chance of falling victims to wrong information on the internet and not to get hacked.

During the nationwide school closure due to the Corona-Pandemic, the computer became a very important learning tool for the Nigerian pupils and students. It is quite obvious that digital learning will remain even after the Corona-crisis. The 20 young participants ages between 13 and 17 years from the PASCH partner schools in Nigeria, Akin Ogunpola Model College Akinale and Corona Secondary School Agbara received a three days long training from the social media entrepreneur Sam Oyeyele. The knowledge acquired from the workshop is meant to equip them with the critical information literacy and skills needed to interpret the media in the constantly evolving digital landscape of today. They also received well laid-out methods on how to safely navigate the digital media, which has come to stay as a learning tool for both the young and the old.

The three days’ online workshop which was hosted on Zoom also touched on some other important topics, which are not only very important for safe internet-browsing but also relevant to using online resources both for official and personal purpose. Among others were topics, such as Information Literacy, Ethical Usage of the Digital Resources, How to Understand Digital Footprints, Protecting yourself online, How to Handle Digital Communication and Cyber-bulling.

All the 20 participants expressed their pleasure for the opportunity to be part of this excellent and educative project organized by the Goethe-Institut Nigeria within the framework of the PASCH-Initiative.