Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on its Way to Dak'art

Strechted Terrains Graphics: Goethe-Institut / Jeremiah Ikongio

For the second time since 2016, the Goethe-Institut Nigeria initiates a mobile residency program titled "Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on its Way to Dak'Art" with a group of young artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Germany.

The group will start the six-week journey with an old converted public transport bus, the Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art, on April 11, 2018 in Lagos. Crossing Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mali, they will eventually arrive in Dakar, Senegal right at the opening of the 13. International Biennial DaK'Art, beginning in May. On May 07, they willhead back to Nigeria, where they will finally arrive on May 25.

On their journey, the artists examine diverse public spaces as communication zones of social, economic and political interaction/intervention/disruption. The project embraces the diversity of practices and perspectives of the participating artists, who will discuss and exchange their artistic interactions as they travel the approximately 10.000-kilometer road trip. The artworks, which will be created in Dakar and during the journey will be presented and discussed along the way back to Nigeria at the Goethe-Institutes and cultural centres at Dakar, Bamako, Abidjan, Accra, Lomé and Lagos.

The challenge for the artists, but also the special character of the project is the frequent relocation, the constantly changing framework and the unexpected connected with the journey. Experimental in nature, the project encourages exchange and collaboration among participating artists and the public.

The Nigerian artist Emeka Udemba, who is living in Germany, is the curator of the project.
The whole journey can be followed on the webblog, Stretched Terrains, and social media with the #StretchedTerrains
"Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on the Way to Dak'Art" is a project by Goethe-Institut Nigeria, supported by Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines.

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Departure Photo: Goethe-Institut / Jeremiah Ikongio

Six artists for ‘The Mobile Museum on its Way to Dak’Art’

For the second time since 2016, the Goethe-Institut Nigeria initiates a mobile residency program titled “Stretched Terrains – The Mobile Museum on its
Way to Dak’Art”, with a group of young artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Germany.

Departure Photo: Goethe-Institut / Jeremiah Ikongio

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Ein rollendes Museum geht auf Tour durch Westafrika

10.000 Kilometer, sieben Länder: Sechs Künstler haben sich am Dienstag auf eine Reise durch Westafrika gemacht - in einem alten Bus, der nun ein rollendes Museum ist. Adrian Kriesch hat sie vor der Abreise getroffen.


Emeka Udemba © Emeka Udemba Emeka Udemba, *1968 in Enugu/ Nigeria, studied Art at the College of Education Lagos/ University of Lagos in Nigeria. He lives and works in Lagos/Nigeria and in Freiburg/ Germany as an artist and curator whose work is focused on the bond between mediums and the intersection of images and structures as a means of gaining deeper insight into how we communicate with each other, how we formulate identity, culture (or hide it)-as well as to how these elements affect our sense of collective consciousness.

In 2014, Emeka Udemba founded the Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art Lagos (MMMoCA). His curatorial projects are informed by the investigation of the in-between spaces devoid of boundaries. They offer platforms for exchange as a means of connecting and questioning our relationship to others.

His curatorial projects include Lagos Open (2005 and 2013), In God we Trust (2008), Exchanging Spaces (2010), ‘Ein Haus für Junkman’ (Ewerk, Freiburg/Germany, 2013).
Gabriel Goller © Eleni Zaharopoulos Gabriel Goller, *1992 in Freiburg, studies at the University of Arts, Design and Popular Music in his hometown in Southwestern Germany. He mainly focuses on photography. Subject of his bachelor thesis is comparing the depictions of the human being in public space. He examines the different forms of depiction in photography and painting under the title "Public Mirror".

As part of his internship semester, Gabriel Goller gained practical experience in the film industry as he participated in a film project.

The subjects of his recent works mainly focus on documentary and portrait photography. Most parts of his work choose the critical view on the agglomerations of European cities. Gabriel Goller addresses the role of a consumer society beside the identity of the individual in the urban space. He provides a glance into the interior space – shops, restaurants, shopping window displays – and thus into the people's desires and longings.
Monsuru Alashe © Dapo Adeniyi Monsuru Alashe, *1981 in Lagos/ Nigeria, is an experimental artist, a photographer and a graphic designer. He is the 2013 winner of Life in My City Art Festival Competition in the category of Textile/Graphics and in 2014 received the consolation prize of the same festival. In 2014, he was the 3rd prize winner of Lagos Photos Competition. In 2017, he won the Waco/Nigeria Art Competition "Telling the African Stories" as well as the consolation prize of the Union Bank Art Challenge. Monsuru Alashe participated in the annual Harmattan Workshop (2010 - 2017) respectively in Delta State; he also joined the "We are Together" art workshop in Benin Republic (2012). In 2016, he was one of the participants of the first small road trip, organized by the Goethe-Institut Nigeria, from Lagos to Senegal. He also participated in the 2017 "Art for Peace" event in Lagos State. Besides participating in several group exhibitions, Monsuru Alashe also had a solo exhibition in 2013 at Alliance Française Lagos titled "The Awakening; Our Everyday Life".
Ray Agbo Fawaz © Agbo Ray Claver Agbo, *1970, graduated from the College Artistique et Artisanal in Togo in in 1992. Back home since 1994, he lives and works as a sculptor in Takoradi/Ghana for over 25 years. Even though he has the ability to work with several materials, he is fascinated by wood. He says: ¨For the warmth of wood as a media I feel I am touching a soul to touch souls¨.

In his sculptures, Ray Claver Agbo integrates other materials, symbols and nails to strengthen his works and creative philosophy.

For many years now, the artist has been working and participating in several local and international workshops, symposiums, exhibitions including residencies (e.g. 2005 in Accra/Ghana), for example at the Art House in Laongo/ Burkina Faso (2008,) Dakar Biennial (2014), KARP-Kamina (2016 and 2017) edition in Togo. He is a winner of the Alias Norbert Foundation prize in 2004.

Ray Claver Agbo is currently the director of the NGO Art in Action, a studio sculpture mentor, adviser and a board member of Takoradi Technical University Faculty of Applied Art, Sculpture Department, Ghana.
Souleymane Konate © Dino Hirojiro Souleymane Konate, * 1983 in Abidjan, lives and works in his hometown in Ivory Coast. He started working as a calligrapher. Passionate about art and in love with painting, in 2011 he met the painter Aboudia and became his assistant. From 2012 to 2014, Souleymane Konate collaborated in residence with several artists. His paintings are a manifestation of an art carried by the energy of a spontaneous pictorial style similar to graffiti artists. The characters, who populate his paintings, illustrate his view on humans, whose beauty according to his understanding cannot reside in the physical appearance. But rather in morality and the values they convey.

The global approach of Souleymane Konate thus suggests a reflection on the role of the image in rupture with its immediate perception to give it a more symbolic and elevated character, a sacred dimension. The artist has already exhibited his works in Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Italy, France and Germany.
 Bay Dam © Bay Dam Dame Diongue, better known as artist Bay Dam, * 1984 in Dakar, is a computer scientist passionate about Linux and the whole ecosystem of free software. In 2014, in Dakar, during a residency of Montreal artists, he met Sofan Audry and Alexandre Quessy with whom he subsequently developed MapMap, a free software of projection mapping. He has also worked in several projects of digital creation and interactive installation, some in collaboration with other artists. Founder of VX Lab, a laboratory dedicated to research and experimentation on arts, science and technologies, he is actively involved in the creation and development of open source software. In this constant search for new artistic creation processes, he uses new technologies to re-appropriate, in a different way, public space, forms, colors and materials. This multidisciplinary approach has made it very easy to create audiovisual installations or scenography for theater, dance and others. Self-taught in computer programming and proud of his ability to learn new technologies fairly quickly, he encourages the sharing of knowledge by regularly organizing skills-sharing activities with the public.