Support of the Local Cultural Scene

Unterstützung der lokalen Kulturszene Olanrewaju Orisunmibare/Jeremiah Ikongio © Goethe-Institut

Support and Connect – Nigerian Art and Culture Projects

The Goethe-Institut Nigeria supports Nigerian artists and cultural experts in implementing their projects.

For the last years, the Goethe-Institut Nigeria has supported a wide range of projects created and implemented by Nigerian artists and initiatives in various art forms: Music, contemporary dance, photography, (documentary) films, theatre, visual arts and many more. Goethe-Institut also supports artists, who are invited to German festivals but don't have enough funding to join. We regard this support as a very crucial and important one in order to give young and upcoming people in the cultural landscape of Nigeria a chance to be heard and seen.
In order to facilitate the application procedure and to make it more transparent for all artistic and cultural initiatives in the country, we invite them to send us their project application if they would like to enter into a professional partnership with the Goethe-Institut Nigeria.
Target group and requirements:

  • artists and cultural initiatives (no individuals) that work professionally and have at least 3 years of experience
  • the project idea has to be already developed and has reached a certain level of preparation
  • an invitation to a German festival is already issued by the organisers
  • the project has to be implemented in the second half of the year, latest by December 10
  • only completely and correctly filled out application forms will be considered
  • the initiative has to be registered and has a bank account