Winning Projects 2019

Annoucement Open Call Foto: Goethe-Institut / Olanrewaju Orisunmibare /Jeremiah Ikongio ©

Goethe-Institut Nigeria is proud to announce the 15 successful projects to be funded in its 2019 Open Call to Support and Connect local initiatives in the Nigerian cultural scene.

Overall, a substantial number of high-quality projects were submitted from which only a few could be supported. The final selection spans the creative spectrum of music, film, theatre and female writing.
Goethe-Institut intends to continue its Support and Connect Grants, and wishes previous and potential applicants better luck next time.

About the Selected Projects

Logo - Arts n' Chill © Arts n' Chill Agbowó is an African art institution that seeks to, through an online literary journal and curated events, promote African literary and visual artists.

Since being founded, in 2017, by the dynamic duo of Habeeb Kolade and Dolapo Amusat, the literary journal has  published established and emerging voices from countries widely spread across the continent. In 2018, we published our maiden issue, X, which has now been downloaded over a thousand times. ArtsnChill, the events arm of Agbowó, was started earlier- in October 2015 and merged with Agbowó in 2018. It was started by students- Boluwatife Afolabi, Moyosore Orimoloye, Ezim Osai and Oluwatosin Babatunde-Olotu- in the University of Ibadan, seeking a physical community in which they could share their work and engage with the work of others. ArtsnChill has since hosted 15 themed events focusing on the nexuses between art and important topics.

In 2019, Arts n' Chill by Agbowó has a slew of events culminating in a mini-festival. Our sequence of events is meant to inspire and encourage intelligent discourse and growth among artists- especially those in the literary fields- through our monthly discussions on select topical issues with relation to art; our open microphone sessions which showcase the best budding artists in our local communities, and creative workshops which teach not just the craft of creative work but also the business and technical aspects.
The objectives of the initiative are to- create a safe space for artists to share and discuss their work and receive feedback; create a physical community of literary and visual artists that enables members meet other and influential players in their respective fields; organize regular workshops to improve quality of work being produced by participants and through the workshops, help artists improve their business acumen in order to derive value from their work.
BARAXANA ARTS FESTIVAL © BARAXANA ARTS FESTIVAL Baraxana Arts Festival is a multidisciplinary/multicultural show off of creativity that spotlights African & Nigerian Ancient, Contemporary and futuristic Art and Culture, especially through Visual Arts, Fashion & Design and Performing Arts (music), because all other forms of art and culture can be expressed with ease through these arts.

It is a healthy environment that promotes creative/cultural knowledge exchange in its rich artistic ambience as it focuses on building the career path of the artists involved, encourages people seeking to build a career in the arts and cultural sphere to forge ahead, and shows off the diverse cultures in Africa/Nigeria, which in turn makes it a continuous learning and exchange ground for the society at large, there by driving social and economic impact and cultural diversity. Whilst being an avenue for young artists and creatives to show off their mastery, it serves as a beacon of hope to cultures that are fast facing out and becoming mixed due to modernizatio -- even though this mix still gives rise to a new style that tells its story through different activities in this festival.

Baraxana Arts Festival, is a production of ColourSpree and aims to be the first of its kind, in building a robust inclusive creative economy by reaching out to all communities, Africans, Descents and Art Enthusiasts around the world, to share in its rich experience and take advantage of the opportunities it presents once a year. It also calls on policy makers to take advantage of the atmosphere that breeds positive growth in order to make policies that are more inclusive.
Beat per Minute (BPM) is the number of times a record (Vinyl) spins on a turntable; this is the cue time DJs use to mix and blend various songs together. The beat per Minute DJ festival is the coming together of DJ from different parts of the world to give Lagos a new vibe of partying.

The aim of BPM IS to connect the continents via music to give a blend of different music cultures. DJs will be coming from the USA, France, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Netherlands, Kenya, Russia, Tokyo, Nigeria and other parts of the World. There will The Festival Pre-Parties which will be exclusive parties of which some of the Local and International Djs will be spinning for the guests.
The Pre-Parties will be taking place in the following locations Lagos, Abuja, Cotonou and Port Harcourt from the month of May through to September 2019.

The beat per Minute DJ festival is expected to be the largest gathering of DJs ever to happen in Africa. During the 5-day period there will be workshops, Children’s park; Dance performances and DJ and musicians fusions.

The Main Festival will take place November 20 - 24 2019 in various venues around Lagos and end with a massive beach/bonfire party.

The Event is packaged together By brownehill Radio and Susie Lliyan
Angels & Muse- Logo © Angels & Muse BookArtArea seeks support to organize a Multi-genre Writing Seminar. Designed as a masterclass for early career writers, the Seminar will take place over the course of five days, each day featuring two acclaimed writers, critics, or public intellectuals.

Following a public call for applications, in which writers in any genre (broadly categorized into fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, criticism, and theatre) will be required to submit recent work for consideration, a total of 10 writers participants are to be selected by the directors of BookArtArea, Victor Ehikhamenor and Emmanuel Iduma. The participants would be required to engage with the facilitators based on a wide array of readings, in order to emphasize the intellectual basis for producing new work.

On each day, after the closed session with the participants, the seminar would be opened to the public, for a conversation featuring two of the facilitators, and a presentation of their respective works as writers. To maximize the potential reach of the conversations and talks, the public-facing component of the Seminar will be recorded in audio and video formats, and available immediately afterwards online.

The Seminar, slated for 5–9 September 2019, will be held in Angels and Muse, Ikoyi, Lagos, from 10am–4pm daily. The public events will take place between 6:00pm and 8:00pm daily.

Prospective facilitators include:
1. Teju Cole
2. Emmanuel Iduma
3. Ayobami Adebayo
4. Rotimi Babatunde
5. Toni Kan
6. Eghosa Imasuen
7. Victor Ehikhamenor
8. Molara Wood
9. Lola Shoneyin

Finally, BookArtArea will partner with literary publications to promote the work of the participating writers. These include Saraba Magazine (Nigeria), The Republic (Nigeria), The Mantle (USA), and Africa is a Country (USA).

The Seminar fits within the broad goals of BookArtArea, a thought laboratory founded by acclaimed artist and writer Victor Ehikhamenor as the nonprofit component of Angels and Muse, BookArtArea facilitates cross-disciplinary conversations on art, literature, and culture, providing a much-needed platform to ask questions that probe deep and wide. Our broad goal is to enchant and enlighten by drawing from traditions of intellectual honesty, curiosity, and generosity.
Increasing community discussions and action in Gender-Based Violence prevention in Cross River State, Nigeria’. 

As many as one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or abused in some other way – most often by someone she knows, including her husband, male family member and close neighbours. Sexual and gender-based violence is largely rooted in unequal power relations.

In Cross River State, as it is in most parts of Nigeria, besides the culture of silence and societal stigmatisation, discussions cum information for women/vulnerable and support for victims are still grossly inadequate making the fight against gender-based violence a long walk yet to begin (Channel TV, 2014).
The project objective is to address gender-based violence by building capacity of women, increasing discussion among females and communities, and strengthening engagements with stakeholders.
The project starts in May and runs till December, 2019 with Round-up activities, writing and submission of Reports of project implementation.

The main activities of the project are Advocacy visits to community stakeholders, Awareness Raising rallies on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Human rights in the communities of project implementation, Women of Our Land Film tour/Small Group discussions, Stakeholders Forum, Setting-up or reactivation of Neighbourhood Human Rights and Health Committee (NHRHC), and Production of IEC materials on sexual, gender-based violence and human rights.

The Women of Our Land film tour and small group discussions will hold with women/girls groups and boys/men groups in Akai Effa and Idundu communities of Cross River State. Community dialogues and actions will be taken to reduce the rate of gender-based violence and violence against women (VAW) in the communities of implementation.

DreamBoat TDF is a local NGO based in Cross River State, Nigeria with the mission of advocating for, protecting and promoting the wellbeing of women, children and communities.
The “2nd FICDATA National Children's Art and Culture Challenge” is a collaborative agenda deploying artistic expressions and creative education to foster children’s creative thinking and imagination, promote cultural reclamation through indigenous children literature, art and visual literacy, etc. We aim to employ the creative sector to improve children’s literacy and reading culture, and to positively involve young people in the fight to secure Nigeria of the future through art and culture.

To broaden audience engagement among young people in reclaiming our eroded cultural values and ethics in line with achieving Vision 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), open calls are sent out for talented young people to participate in an intensive 3-day strategic comedic art therapy and creative writing training tagged “ArtivismWritivism Workshops”; thereafter participants must show proof of what they had learned or gained by developing, creating and submitting their own short stories, drama scripts and comic art works, etc. for the “2nd FICDATA National Children’s Art and Culture Challenge within the thematic framework: "Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Youth Empowerment and Cultural Reeducation".

An innovation for cultural reclamation and moral capital development of Nigerian children/youths, this continuous project is leveraging art and technology via visual and  literary arts, animations, multimedia, audiovisual, etc. created by young people (for young people) after receiving our strategic comedic art and creative writing trainings, resulting in their production of children literature, and cartoons cum comics characters that fight against human trafficking, illegal migration, drug abuse, cultism, immorality, gender violence, or advocate for improved hygiene, health and wellness, equality.

Selected entries are exhibited as part of the ongoing “CAIB SDG Traveling Cartoon Campaigns and Workshops” (Visit:; and 3 winners in each category are awarded prizes while all participants will receive certificates, project catalogues (if available).
Culture Diaries Logo © Culture Diaries Culture Diaries is an archival project that uses video interviews and live conversations to document the works of African artists on the continent and in diaspora. The project highlights artists who are using their work to respond to an ever shifting socio-political and cultural climate. The interviews also provide insights into the works, process and challenges of artists, culture creators and tastemakers shaping the creative and cultural landscape in their local and global communities.
Ecole des Sables, the International Center for Traditional and Contemporary Dance in Africa, It is both a school of theoretical and practical education and a research laboratory, a place for meetings and exchanges, conferences and artistic residencies. It was created in 1998 by Germaine Acogny, considered as the Mother of Contemporary African Dance, and her husband Helmut Vogt.

The training program “Diploma in traditional and contemporary dances of Africa” is spread over 3 years (2018 to 2020), organized in three intensive three-month modules. Internationally renowned teachers of different dance techniques are invited to teach. These teachers come from very different backgrounds and cultures. Each teacher shares his or her methodologies of creation and composition with the dancers. Alongside practice and theoretical courses, instructors show videos of their work and explain their processes of creation and interpretation. 

It has always been my dream to become a graduate of the Ecole des Sables, to improve in my dance skills and become better dancer and a teacher that would be able to give back to my community, country and world. Therefore to be an international teacher and a dance performer.

Participating in the Second module at the Ecole des Sables will help me have more artistic and social knowledge and impact as it will offer me the opportunity to better master my art, and to be able to make new and original creations, and to gain the skills needed to organize workshops, trainings, and other activities when i return back home to Nigeria.

I will gain more at Ecole des Sables and extends my knowledge and experience worldwide and to become a model for the next generation of artists, and to share social themes through new artistic expressions at the local and international levels, and becoming an international teacher.

Moreover, I will grow more in future by the knowledge Ecole des Sables will pass to me through the help of the Goethe institute Support and Connect - Nigerian Art and Culture Projects 2019.
mami wata © Mami Wata Mami Wata is a female driven black and white fantasy thriller based on the mermaid goddess of West African folklore. The feature film project has gone through the Ouaga Film Lab in Burkina Faso, where it received the the European AudioVisual Enterpreneurs (EAVE) prize to participate in the EAVE Producers Workshop 2019 taking place in  Luxembourg, Serbia and Germany in March, June and October respectively. Mami Wata also won the scholarship to participate in Le Groupe Ouest's Less is More (LIM) European development lab for limited budget films taking place in Poland, Romania and a soon to be announced European country in March, June and October-November respectively.
Naija Tech Creatives © Naija Tech Creatives Naija Tech Creatives is a community for Nigerian creatives who are interested in the intersection between art and technology. It started out as a WhatsApp group in January 2019. The project has now expanded into a series of art and technology events or “Meetups” in the form of a mini-symposia, workshops, art exhibitions, and performances. Naija Tech Creatives has events scheduled for Abuja and Lagos in 2019.

Instagram: naijatechcreatives
Contact: Ihu Anyanwu, 08140821411
RTF Logo © RTF The REALTIME FILMMAKING CHALLENGE is our proprietary flagship event which takes place every year during the REALTIME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (RTF). It features a 20-hour Filmmaking challenge, where Filmmakers push themselves to the limits as they battle the odds to write, shoot, edit and output a short movie within the stipulated time-frame.

In 2018, 102 Teams with an average of 6 team members took part in the REALTIME FILMMAKING CHALLENGE which took place at the campus of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. In the end, the films were submitted and screened at the closing Gala / Awards Ceremony of RTF 2018.
It is part of our policy that ONLY films made during the REALTIME FILMMAKING CHALLENGE are screened at the closing Ceremony of our Festival. The highpoint of the ceremony is the presentation of medals / plaques / awards to all participating Filmmakers and their teams. The Awards Ceremony is glamorous and uplifting.

We have decided to continue executing the Realtime Filmmaking Challenge on a University / College Campus. Both the Festival and the Film challenge shall enjoy live broadcast from our Media Partners in Nigeria.
THTI Logo © THTI Thatch House ‘FESTIVAL OF FEMALE PLAYWRIGHTS’ is about art and life. It is devoted to female playwrights and their works. The festival is a maiden edition but will become an annual event. It aims at developing new female talents in playwriting and equally showcasing and giving a voice and platform for these female works to come alive.

The festival plays triple role:
1. As a window to the thoughts of female writers pertaining issues that affect them.
2. As a platform to amplify these female voices through their works.
3. To identify, train and develop female playwrights, giving them a life and their works a home through performance.

This will be a three day festival featuring three different works by female playwrights. One play a day, all in one venue. 

The objectives of the festival are:
1.  Expose female writers to their immediate source of raw materials which are issues that affect them.
2.  To identify, train and develop female playwrights, giving them a life and their works a home through performance.
3. To create and sustain theatre and it's audiences through the works of female playwrights.

It is a three day festival. A one week playwriting workshop will precede the festival, where a workshop ensemble by the participants will be read during the festival as well.

The festival is scheduled to start on Friday 22nd and ends on Sunday 24th of November 2019.
URPSA Logo © URPSA Where are we in the 21st century? A question that needs formidable answers by professionals to student. City development and management cannot be restricted to the confines of its historical context rather it’s contemporary application especially the use of technology concepts/tools like virtual reality, gaming mechanic, geospatial professionals, web designs; the importance of creative influencers of a city ( photography, storytelling and film) cannot be overlooked.

This project is designed to address the emerging challenges stated above, it is a two day conference deliberation with panel sessions and workshops, each day will begin with a presentation from each speaker and proceed to a breakout session into workshop groups for personal interaction with the students. The aim of the workshop is to have clustered focused groups where speaker discuss how their fields of interest have influenced city development. It objectives are to create a reliable platform where professionals and students can rub minds and ideas to arrive at a sustainable plan to solve local and global arising issues, enlighten young professionals on contemporary roles as urban planners even beyond Africa. The conference is targeted towards equipping students with practical knowledge as well as experience from city management and development professionals.

Top-notch and versatile professionals from the city planning and development sector have been requested to be part of this project such as: Creatives like Papa Omotayo (Architect & Filmmaker), Deji Akinpelu (Actor, Filmmaker, Photographer, Graphics Artist) that influence the city through their expressive works in art, media, film and photography. Technology Professionals with interests in advancing the city the likes of Wole Ademola (Advanced GIS) and also Planners and Policy Makers with an urban planning background such Toyin Ayinde (V.P of NITP).
WIR © WIR The world itself is observing a global shock and sanity reconstruction, facing an amnesia when it comes to recall the causes of its insanity. And if we all trace how it happens, we would blame it on all, but who is all, who want to take this responsibilities?

We see a world with more and more rigid borders. National surveillance as well as racial profiling in daily social life. 

“WHO IS RESPONSIBLE (WIR)?” is an experimental piece on the realities of our deepest fears, and the stereotype thinking of human race to another. With the piece we are not only exploring on these issues but also discussing the common day to day tolerances of border contexts. The piece will also form an alliance of history from this angle. The diverse dancer’s and musician’s bodies on stage are carrying different parts of the world’s history, they bring the memory of self-reflection, consciously and unconsciously, it raises the question of: what do we fear the most?

Going back to history, the traces of these borders may be derived back from the stone age: the earth itself has indeed contributed to its border context through nature’s features.
At the same time it’s true that human beings seem to have a natural will to rule, and to create these borders for the sake of finding its own desire. We live in a social space, with an inimitable calling; we all have our roles to play unwaveringly. We have an unwritten constitution of rights, in an amalgamation of families, called society.
Who is the World? Who is directing its rules? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?
Concept, Choreography, Dance: Sunday Israel Akpan 
Music: Sergio Vasquez Carrillo
Outside Eyes: Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs
Project partner Nigeria:  S.I.A Projects
Project partner Germany: KONA - International Dance and Culture Network e.V.
Production Management: Vivienne Lütteken (Family Production)
Media & Advertisement: Mabawonja TV
Yoruba Drama Festival (YDF) is an initiative aimed at promoting Yoruba culture through live drama performances. It is a response to the near dearth of live performance of Yoruba dramas in South Western part of Nigeria. The maiden edition was organized in collaboration with Oyo State Council for Art and Culture in 2017 with Fere Bi Ekun (Late Adebayo Faleti), Sango (Oladejo Okediji) and Ikoko Ringindin (Bashiru Akande Lasisi) performed at Cultural center, Mokola and Arts Theatre, University of Ibadan. 

The second edition of the festival took place at the Arts Theatre University of Ibadan in 2018. Students from about forty private schools participated in the programme and the positive feedback from them and their wishes to be more active in the festival programme leads to the redesigning of this year's 3rd edition of Yoruba Drama Festival.

The third edition of Yoruba Drama Festival will include student drama competition to stimulate their interest in Yoruba culture and language. The focus for this year is on students from the private secondary schools in the city of Ibadan because they are more alienated from the culture than their public schools counterparts.
The performance of the festival play will take place in the first two days of the festival. The second part of the festival is the school drama competition preliminary with participating schools clustered into four zones for the preliminary stage. Two schools will emerge from each of the zones for the grand finale which will take place on the third day of the YDF. Schools that emerged from the zones will compete in the final where special prizes will be given to the first, second and third positions. Other participating schools in the final will also get consolation prizes.