Ugo Ahiakwo is a sculptor, curator and furniture designer. His works are neither limited by any medium nor inspiration but they share common qualities: edginess, dynamism, tactility and a high level of refinement He fuses his combined knowledge of art and design with his curiosities about the world at large and a yearning to create a much better future. Ugo's artistic process involves listening to and negotiating with materials that he finds himself drawn to. "I believe everything has a voice and I strive to highlight the ones that strike a chord with me via my work" he says. Ugo Ahiakwo studied fashion design in the Academy of Art University, San Francisco and School of the Arts Institute, Chicago between 2015 and 2018. He had his first solo exhibition "Sink or Swim" at Alliance Française de Lagos in 2023 and has also taken part in several group exhibitions. He was also a recipient of the ART X reviews in 2020. His sculpture "REBIRTH: Alien Superstar" was featured in the Vicnate "N°4" campaign in 2023 and his "Industrial Carcass" series featured in the Vicnate "N°2" fashion film for Lagos Fashion Week 2021, he created site specific sculptural furniture for the restaurant 22B, Lagos in 2022, he co-designed and co-curated the Lagos Fashion Week "Woven Threads" exhibition in 2022, co-designed the Tj Who fashion presentation for Lagos Fashion Week 2021 and he executed a commissioned sculpture for the Balmain x Chivas Regal launch party in Lagos, 2021 

Dreaming New Worlds ©UGO AHIAKWO

Peace Olatunji (Dopay)

Peace Olatunji (Dopay) is a Nigerian-born multi-disciplinary Artist with a background in Architecture. His artistic endeavors are dedicated to the intricate task of narrating diverse stories through a spectrum of mediums, ranging from traditional canvases to cutting-edge immersive reality experiences. Influenced by the nuances of contemporary art and the depth of classical literature and cinema, Peace seamlessly melds these inspirations to craft a uniquely compelling artistic voice. Peace eloquently showcases his unwavering commitment to Afro-futurism, a genre that envisions the future through the lens of African culture. His work transcends mere visual representation, delving into the profound realm of social dynamics within Nigeria. With an innate ability to synthesize complex ideas, his art serves as a conduit for insightful discussions on societal structures and their evolving complexities. His artistic pursuits are firmly anchored in Lagos, Nigeria, a dynamic cultural epicenter that provides a rich backdrop for his creative explorations. His unique background in Architecture infuses his artistic expression with a keen understanding of spatial dimensions and design principles, enabling him to craft compositions that resonate on both visual and intellectual levels.  

How ot change the future ©Peace Olatunji (Dopay)

Eve Nnaji

Eve Nnaji is an Architectural Designer currently practicing in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the founder of Addapt, a practice that utilizes architecture, design, and data as a tool to bridge environmental consciousness with urban development. She is also the founder of Even Designed, a brand that uses her architectural approach to create products and designs expressive of her current state of being. Her research interests include urban flood mitigation strategies, bio-fabrication, and material intelligence. Her publications include Strange is Better: An Effort to Biologically Convert Polystyrene Into Organic Matter Using Mealworms (Creative Food Cycles, 2020) and Water We Talking About? A City, Citizen, and Water Dialogue (Responsive Cities, 2021). 

Design thinking ©Eve Nnaji

Rasak Akorede

Rasak Akorede is an internationally recognized global changemaker, social innovator, and expert in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With a deep-rooted passion for innovation and technology, Rasak specialises in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology, relentlessly exploring the boundless possibilities of this immersive and interactive medium. 
Driven by an unwavering love for AR/VR, Rasak firmly believes that this groundbreaking technology unlocks a new level of immersion and interactivity, enabling individuals to delve into virtual worlds and acquire knowledge in unprecedented ways. Beyond its applications in gaming and entertainment, Rasak envisions AR/VR as a catalyst for revolutionising industries such as healthcare and education. By harnessing the potential of this technology, Rasak aims to facilitate training, collaboration, and problem-solving in novel and exciting manners. 
Throughout an illustrious journey, Rasak has undertaken numerous projects and emerged victorious in both local and international competitions.  2nd position in the ARVR Africa Metathon competition in 2021 and achieving the 2nd position in the SecureHack Nigeria Hackathon for innovators in the XR space. Rasak has demonstrated their versatility by utilising their XR skills to join the NFT team of musician, Buju Bnxn, in the creation of his NFT project.  

Dreaming New Worlds ©Rasak Akorede

Sultan Quadri

Sultan Quadri is a technology journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He has reported about the impact of technology on Africa for 3 years now for national and international tech publications including TechCabal, Quartz Africa, Aljazeera and Rest of World. As a technology journalist and researcher, he has written about the impact emerging technologies such as AI, AR, VR and the blockchain would have on the continent. He is interested in learning and exploring the intersection between art, media and technology. 

dnw ©Sultan Quadri

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