Okwudini Noah

Okwudini Noah is an experimental and versatile recording and visual artist, writer, and big mythology geek, he is passionately curious and loves exploring different mediums and techniques to express ideas. He believes art is a powerful tool for storytelling, interactive dialogue, and cultural preservation, and he uses his work to shed light on unobserved stories.

Dreaming New Worlds ©Okwudini Noah

Tope Asokere

Tope Asokere is a freelance documentary photographer with a passion for fine art and Graphic Design. Other work includes Travels and Mobile photography. Currently, he's exploring the beauty of African cultures, the people, and architecture in diverse colors while he travels around African countries. His practice developed whilst engaging himself in photojournalism and Documentary photography. His interests currently revolve around class and class relations within the art world. 

How ot change the future ©Tope Asokere

Ugonna Ibe

Ugonna Ibe is the Artistic Director of Yenwa Art Lab, an institution dedicated to art, curatorial practice & knowledge sharing. A center for ideas, conversation, and critical education at the intersection of art, technology and sustainability. It is involved in archiving art, culture and society and is home to Yenwa Gallery, which showcases contemporary works of African artists with a special focus on photography and new media. Ugonna Ibe most recently served as the Director of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA). She is the founder of womenswear label Cinnamon Lagos.

Design thinking ©Ugonna Ibe


Sigil is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. They work with various mediums such as bead weaving, acrylic painting, creative writing, and digital art. The focuses of their work range from camp maximalism to speculative portraiture/social structures. As a fashion designer they have collaborated with brands like Orange Culture and their work has been worn at the 2023 AMVCAs. 

dnw ©Sigil

Ezekiel "Kiel" Orji

Ezekiel "Kiel" Orji from Lagos is a digital artist also known for murals and merch design. He blends Afrofuturism with modern design, offering digital experiences that transition to real-world installations. With a decade's experience, Kiel merges art with cutting-edge fashion, AI, AR, and Web3, creating a fusion of art and digital commerce for the global audience. 

Dreaming New Worlds ©Ezekiel "Kiel" Orji

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