African Online Film and TV Platform

At an experts meeting hosted by Goethe-Institut in November 2010 in Yaoundé, Cameroon, followed up by a workshop in Ouagadougou in March 2011, the participants (film practitioners, founders of websites like AfriCiné/SudPlanete, AfricaFilms.TV, Ethiopian Film Initiative and OnlineFilm) discussed how to integrate existing internet based information about African film industries into a shared platform, thereby ensuring increased exposure for African filmmakers and their films. The events resulted in a joint initiative named Mokolo, named after the biggest open-air market in Yaoundé.

Mokolo Mission Statement
– Support professional networking by establishing an industry exchange portal, thereby expanding the scope of existing African film industry related information databases.
– Support the distribution of African film by establishing a distribution portal that integrates multiple suppliers of video-on-demand services and other distribution models.

Through partnerships with existing networking and distribution websites Mokolo will allow better access to quality African film related websites by becoming an additional point of access under a one-stop African film market brand. Mokolo will allow users to perform many of the functions of its independent partners’ websites (e.g. search, edit and view content) from one single platform.

Mokolo Vision
By offering increased accessibility to African film industries, productions and content, Mokolo will contribute to a climate conducive to content creation and distribution.

The aim is to create a brand that is collectively owned by African film practitioners and managed by a Pan-African structure of industry stakeholders. The Mokolo-brand will guarantee the pertinence and quality of content on the affiliated websites.

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