BULATS Deutsch-Test für den Beruf

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Ideal if you'd like to ...

  • gain evidence of your language skills for job applications,
  • demonstrate your job-related German language skills,
  • deal with German-speaking clients,
  • test the language skills of employees or applicants.

The Goethe-Test PRO: German for Professionals exam is a German test for adults that can be used to determine candidates’ language skills in a workplace setting.

Changes taking place in 2017

BULATS Deutsch-Test für den Beruf can still be taken up to 31.12.2016.

In 2017 this test will be relaunched as Goethe-Test PRO Deutsch für den Beruf.

Please contact your examination centre for further information.

How Goethe-Test PRO works:

Goethe-Test PRO is a computer-based test. The program uses advanced technology to evaluate your own personal language skills quickly within 60 to 90 minutes. All participants begin the test at the same level. As the test progresses, the program chooses the next question based on your previous answer, allowing the level of difficulty to be automatically adjusted to your language skills. The test results and a report on your level of language proficiency are available immediately after you have completed the test.
The test is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 


  • A minimum age of 18 years is recommended in order to take the BULATS Deutsch-Test für den Beruf exam.
  • Since the purpose of BULATS is to determine your level of language proficiency, you do not need to fulfil any specific requirements in order to take the BULATS exam.
  • Although BULATS tests business communication skills, it does not require any specialist knowledge. Professional experience is not a prerequisite to take the exam.

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