Presentation and Play-Demo BRAVO ZULU: Law of Armed Conflict

Bravo Zulu board game Image Foto: Bravo Zulu board game Image © Goethe-Institut Nigeria

Sat, 04.05.2019


Goethe-Institut Lagos

During military operations, when troops have to leave their comfort zones to locations faraway, commanders ensure that they travel with both outdoor and indoor games, which are deployed to keep troops mentally and physically fit and also to keep them gainfully engaged and out of mischief.

The game, BRAVO ZULU, is designed to meet these needs: gainful employment, entertainment and teaching/reminders of IHL through constant exposure of players to the key elements of the law. The game is quite easy to play and tries to remind junior field commanders and their men about the rules of combat. Unlike video games, which isolate the players from others around them, it is deliberately designed as a manual board game targeted to bring a group of soldiers together.

A representative of the ICRC will be present to demonstrate the rules of the game and guests will also be able to participate in a sample play. Starting as a soldier, the players aspire to get commissioned first as an officer then as the Commanding Officer to win the game. In the process, the players will learn and understand how to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC).

This event is supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Abuja.