Digital event Echoes of the South Atlantic – Carnival in the Making

Carnaval da Vitoria © Antonio Ole

Sat, 24.04.2021

What forms of exchange exist between Africa and South America today, after centuries of European hegemony and exploitation? What might the cultural future(s) of the South Atlantic look like? The online publication “Echoes of the South Atlantic – Carnival in the Making” – to be launched on 24 April – comprises insights, artistic explorations and considerations from over 10 projects that have pondered on these questions since 2018.

Michelle Mattiuzzi and Jota Mombaça ascertain, for instance, decolonial performative aesthetics between Brazil and South Africa, while Jean-Pierre Bekolo connects a diaspora community in Columbia with Cameroon through film. The Angolan artist António Ole and Brasilian photographer André Cunha research carnival traditions between the continents in the unfinished project “Carnival Trilogy,” while Nigerian artist Nidi Dike reveals the hidden histories of consumption, production, and value linking commodities of transatlantic extractive capitalism. Songs, rituals, drumming, and dance haunt the publication. A colonial mansion in Denmark dialogues with the Haitian Revolution.

Programme of the Online Vernissage:
  • Digital tour of the publication
  • Conversation with the curators
  • Interactions with the artists

The multimedia publication “Echoes of the South Atlantic – Carnival in the Making” was curated by Ananya Jahanara Kabir, Fareda Khan, Ana Albuquerque und Camilo Solinti Soler Caicedo. The title underscores the processes and fragments of the contributing works, which together herald a complex, carnivalesque gathering. Many projects were paused by the pandemic but found improvised pathways. The curators place the unfinished within the framework of hope that carnival projects.

Explore with us how past, future, and the echoes of the south Atlantic are—to turn to Isaac Julien’s project title—marvellously entangled.