Literature Event Turn up the Mic!

Turn up the Mic ©Wordpaly Express

Thu, 07.10.2021

3:00 PM

Adiel Studio

Turn up The Mic is a literary event organized by Wordplay Express to promote the art of spoken word & poetry, to build connections and to create a platform for poets to showcase and grow their craft.

It is currently one of the biggest literary events in Cross River State: within the past two years it has reached over 4000 youth by providing a safe space for creative exchanges and it is part of Wordplay Express ultimate goal: to build a vibrant community of artists who are unafraid to use their voices challenge stereotypes and to advocate for worthy causes.

This edition of Turn up the Mic will be streamed live from Adiel Studio and brings together poets of varying backgrounds & different artistic styles from across the city of Calabar with the aim of enlightening, educating, entertaining and shaping mindsets for social good. The invited poets will take the stage to perform originally written work that deals with themes of identity, education, gender, politics and faith.

To participate, you can access the event on Zoom using this link:
Meeting ID: 841 8611 7114
Passcode: cWV0VL
Or you can attend via Facebook:
Or visit Wordplay Express’ Facebook page;
If you are based in Calabar and you want to attend the event, you have to register here, the organisers of the events will then contact you with further information. Please understand that due to Covid-19 only a very limited number of participants are allowed in the Studio Space.