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CROWD – international dance exchange is a collaborative network of dance organisations, together seeking to support dance makers who engage with communities as part of their practice. 

Through hosting residencies and opening up space for discussion and knowledge development, the programme aims to support dance artists with an established practice in community engaged dance making to build their professional network, exchange experience with others in the field and develop their practice.

In 2021, the Goethe-Institut initiated the project and residencies were hosted with partners across Finland, the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Germany and the UK. In 2022 we are growing the programme to include more partners, more artists and raising our ambition.

This year, ten selected dance artists (one from each host country and two from NRW in Germany) will collaborate with the support of the network partner organisations. Working in pairs, selected dance makers will come together twice, each time for a two-week residency in a new context. Alongside the residencies, between June and October the entire network will engage in digital, discursive sessions exploring community engagement in dance.

The CROWD network is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive community and through our open calls have consistently encouraged applications from those from under-represented backgrounds. We have bursaries and support in place to accommodate applicants with additional access needs or caring responsibilities.

To find out more about the artists involved, the host partners and to follow the programme blog, please visit crowd.dance.

Artists 2021

The selected artists will work in two groups of three across 2021, coming together on three occasions in each of their home countries, hosted by one of the partners. Between residencies the network of six artists and six partners as well as Goethe-Institut colleagues from across the region will come together digitally to explore cross over themes, hear from experts and develop a shared understanding of the practice of community engagement in dance.

Artists 2021

The selected artists who participated throughout 2021:

Emma Lewis-Jones Emma Lewis-Jones, United Kingdom | © Emilio Costa Jungjohann Emma Lewis-Jones has been an independent choreographer since 2016. She has a Dartington Degree in Choreography from Falmouth University. Ever since she started studying, Emma has been dedicated to supporting people to realise their own choreographic potentials in a multitude of contexts. Her training in performance-making and her interest in visual art underpin her creative practice today. In her work, Emma draws on matters close to her heart, such as feminism, sexuality, climate justice and the refugee crisis.

Pontus Linder Pontus Linder, Finland | © Johanna Rontu Pontus Linder is a break dancer and dance trainer holding a Bachelor in Art and Pedagogy from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (2013) but with much of his training coming from outside of established studios and education. For Pontus, break dance is more an art form than a sport. This shapes how he imagines new movements and how he creates his artistic vision. His work is often based around social commentary, either through making solo work or collaborating with others.

Hannah Sampé Hannah Sampé, Germany | © Arnaud Beelen Hannah Sampé is a dance artist and researcher currently based in Cologne, Germany. Her work often circulates around the topics of care, conviviality, and queering relationships, with choreography and improvisation as her tools. For Hannah, improvising plays an important role as it provides intimacy with oneself, enabling body and mind to be fully present. This influences her works as a choreographer looking to strengthen our communication and sharing in relation to others. Hannah leads the project STARLABOR, working on accessibility and participation in artistic processes for young people with learning disabilities.

Victor Fung Victor Fung, United Kingdom | © Victor Fung Victor Fung is an award-winning dance artist based between London and Honk Kong. Founder and Artistic Director of Victor Fung Dance, he collaborates with international talents from diverse backgrounds encouraging artistic experimentation. Victor’s mission is to empower the voices of both audience and artists. His vision is for an unravelling of hierarchies, recalibration of power and a democratisation of dance. These principles shape the way he transmits his work to the public, from choreographies to classes and workshops, giving new ways for people to experience movement.

Jija Sohn Jija Sohn, Netherlands | © Renate Beense Jija Sohn is a Japanese-Korean artist based in Amsterdam. She graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam in 2015. She has been dedicating her work to exploring human connections and relations. Shifting into a more community oriented perspective with her most recent projects, Jija focuses on the concept of Care, being present for what one needs but also to the needs and perspectives of others.

Agnetha Jaunich Agnetha Jaunich, Germany | © Agnetha Jaunich Agnetha Jaunich is a freelanced dancer and performance artist based in Bielefeld, Germany. She has been working at Kassel State Theatre since 2014 and as a permanent member of the Feedback Collective since 2016. The Feedback Collective combine interdisciplinary performing arts including dance, theatre, music and visual arts. Using this blend of performing arts while keeping a theatrical aesthetic, Agnetha and her colleagues use their varied approaches to convey the connection between humans and new technologies as well as their influences on society. 

• 26 July – 6 August 2021: TaikaBox, Oulu
• 6 – 17 September 2021: Dansateliers, Rotterdam
• 4 – 15 October 2021: Dance4, Nottingham (all six artists)
• 18 – 29 October 2021: Pottporus, Herne AND TanzFaktur, Köln

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