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Onsite Courses

100% at the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam

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Illustration einer Lerngruppe mit mehreren Teilnehmern
  • 1 x per week 3,5 x 45 minute lessons at the Goethe-Institut
  • Including course material
  • 100% face-to-face teaching
  • Exchange in the group

100% at the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam

De lessons will take placd at the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam. You will receive weekly assignments to practice German at you own pace.
Practice your vocabulary, grammar structures and expressions that you will learn during the course. Read, write, listen and speak German!
  • Level

  • Start
    2 times per year

  • Duration
    12 weeks

  • Hours per week
    3,5 x 45 min. class per week

  • Participants
    maximum 14

  • Access to learning platform
    6 months

  • Price
    450 Euro

This is how it works!

Virtual learning environment
Learn individually with many varied and everyday tasks on our learning platform - simple, flexible, individual and of the highest quality.

group lessons at the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam
There will be weekly classes for you and your classmates. If you have any questions, you can contact our language course office at any time.
Gruppe und Lerner an Laptop
Placement test

Test your german
If you have not yet taken part in one of our courses, we will test your German language skills before the course begins. This way you can be sure that we will find a suitable course for you. Please do the placement test.


Phone consultation: +31 20 5312911 If you have any questions, please contact us: taal-amsterdam@goethe.de

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