Intercultural Trainings

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Intercultural competence: The key to international markets

Intercultural competence is the key to operating confidently on the world stage. It forms the basis for productive and trustful teamwork and, as a result, for global business success.

The Goethe-Institut: The benefits for you

Take advantage of

  • our over 60-year experience as cultural mediators, designing programmes for exchange between Germany and the world 
  • our global network of 159 Goethe-Institut branches in 98 countries 
  • our training courses at over 20 locations with the same guaranteed standards of quality
Your employees
  • develop an understanding of the cultural particularities of other countries which will help them when tapping new markets and developing products 
  • learn strategies for operating professionally and effectively in intercultural contexts, e.g. when setting up joint ventures and mergers
  • are optimally prepared for global teamwork or a secondment abroad 
The Goethe-Institut will incorporate intercultural competence into your company’s DNA.

What we offer

We can run a variety of Intercultural Training courses at your company or local Goethe-Institut:

  • Group classes or one-on-one training
  • Lasting one day or more
  • With a comprehensive needs analysis for your organization
  • With contents tailored to your participants’ needs, ensuring a strong return on investment
  • Including post-training intervention on request
Each of our four integrated training modules builds on the previous one: Awareness, Communication, Cooperation and Action. 


Our Presence

Our instructors are trained and certified by the Goethe-Institut and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They have relevant experience in the business sector and possess the requisite cultural expertise in both the source and target cultures.

We can provide Intercultural Training at other locations as well.

Multi-sector training experience

Whether automotive or IT, chemical or pharma, tourism or logistics – we provide Intercultural Training for every industry, drawing on the solid training and many years of experience of our instructors.

Our service: a one-stop training solution

The Goethe-Institut provides a one-stop training solution to help businesses flourish in the international arena.

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