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Special courses

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  • Literature and Conversation
  • Grammar and Conversation
  • Business German
  • Individual courses

Do you want to expand your German skills for work or do you want to learn individually? Are you a film lover or are you interested in German-language texts by contemporary authors? In our special courses you can expand your language skills according to your personal preferences or needs.

Choose your individual training

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Business Conversation

Do you want to improve your career opportunities by expanding your knowledge of German? Then our German for Businesses courses are the right fit!
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Business German

Are you looking for courses that meet the needs of your company?
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Individual Courses

On request, we can also organize a course that is tailored to you and your needs.
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Grammar and Conversation

This course is for advanced learners who would like to improve their German grammar and communication skills.
Placement test

Online Placement Test
Have you not taken a course at the Goethe Institute yet, but do you already have German language skills? Then you can take a placement test before your registration. That way you know which course suits you best.

Phone consultation: +31 20 5312911 If you have any questions, please contact us: taal-amsterdam@goethe.de

Not sure what you are looking for yet? We have the right course for you.