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instruments of memoriesSteven Maybury

Investigating instruments of memories

01.05.- 15.07.2023
Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9

The material world connects the entire globe through vast systems that seem like magic at times. Electromagnetic radiation, laser light pulses, radio waves and optical networks could be incantations as much as data networking terms. To Steven Maybury they are instruments of memory, tools to wield and translate, touch, connect and distribute our digital selves, our moments and movements to the world. 
Steven Mayburys  research during his time at the Goethe Institut will focus on what these systems of communications do, what they are connected and contributing to. The research aims to make tangible work: repositioning and reimagining a global digital network in new ways, connecting it to environmental concerns and new economies such as data harvesting.

Steven Maybury is an Irish artist currently working out of Rotterdam. His artistic practice centres his 15 years of experience as a photographer and educator and his growing dissatisfaction with digital frameworks and the types of dependencies it is demanding of its user. His research interests focus on the complexity of our relationship with digital technologies, sourcing knowledge from photography and its wider systems and infrastructure to unpack this. He creates sculptures and installation that incorporate precise materials and processes to speak and are the result of ongoing research connecting industry, ecology, memory and the user. Maybury recently completed his Master of Fine Art  in The Piet Zwart Institute (2019/21). Maybury since has been awarded several residencies, awards and bursaries after graduating.