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echoing of voicesRadio Echo

Investigating echoing of voices

01.05.- 15.07.2023
Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9

Words make language, language makes stories, and stories make worlds. 

During their time at the Goethe-Institut in Rotterdam, Radio Echo will investigate artistic practices that revise and rewrite popular mythological stories that continue to construct our sense of identity and belonging. They  are interested in revising literary, mythological or historical womxn figures labeled as mute, punished or inarticulate, whose stories have often been employed to justify the subjugation of marginalized people to a dominant masculine, extractivist force, sustaining their alleged natural inferiority. Radio Echo  wishes to engage in a constant rereading of these stories to demonstrate how the historical oppression of marginalized people is linked and is the consequence of the desire to homogenize identity, extract land and profit from nature and human labor.

Interested in injecting the dominant ideology with feminist thought and imagination, Radio Echo  believes feminism, fantasy and speculation are fundamental tools to enact unexplored affective, symbolic and spiritual politics. To do this they have prepared a radio broadcast program from May  until mid July through which  online and physical audiences will be able to follow their  research. 
Radio Echo is an online radio collective founded by artists Sophie Allerding, Emilia Martin, Renata Mirón, Beatrice Cera and Lina von Jarutowskiout out of the necessity to offer a platform to feminist voices. Their aims are the dissemination and accessibility of subversive, feminist knowledges. Furthermore, Radio Echo reaches out to communities who lack the technological literacy to disseminate their voice on radio.