Interview with Kari Laumann
Privacy by design

Privacy needs to be build privacy in from the start when creating Artificial Intelligence, says Kari Laumann. In this interview the expert from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority explains why that is.

In what way is data fuel for Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is dependent on data in order to work. It learns from data. In order to be intelligent it requires a lot of data to learn and to make judgements and decisions.

Artificial Intelligence is already here. What is the biggest challenge resulting from that?

When it comes to privacy, one of the biggest challenges is information. You have the right to information according  to the privacy regulations in Europe and especially the advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence. You don't know what's going on inside the system in some cases, and then it will also be difficult to explain how information about the person is processed in that system. So that's one of the major challenges with Artificial Intelligence in this context.

Watch Kari Laumann's speech on this topic.

How can society balance social benefits from Artificial Intelligence with this risk?

I think there is a need to build privacy in from the start. Privacy by design. If you make sure that the system is able to explain what it's doing and able to process only the information that you need, delete information when it's done and follow the other privacy rules as part of the design, I think that's a very good start.