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CROWD is het internationale dansresidentieprogramma van het Goethe-Institut, dat samen met Europese partners is ontwikkeld in een tijd waarin we voelen dat internationale uitwisseling en menselijke verbondenheid meer dan ooit nodig zijn.
Het onderzoeksprogramma wil dansers ondersteunen die al een gevestigde praktijk in gemeenschapsgeëngageerde dans (‚community engaged dance making‘) hebben.

Through hosting residencies and opening up space for discussion and knowledge development, the programme aims to support dance artists with an established practice in community engaged dance making to build their professional network, exchange experience with others in the field and develop their practice.

In 2021, the Goethe-Institut initiated the project and residencies were hosted with partners across Finland, the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Germany and the UK. In 2022 we are growing the programme to include more partners, more artists and raising our ambition.

This year, ten selected dance artists (one from each host country and two from NRW in Germany) will collaborate with the support of the network partner organisations. Working in pairs, selected dance makers will come together twice, each time for a two-week residency in a new context. Alongside the residencies, between June and October the entire network will engage in digital, discursive sessions exploring community engagement in dance.

The CROWD network is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive community and through our open calls have consistently encouraged applications from those from under-represented backgrounds. We have bursaries and support in place to accommodate applicants with additional access needs or caring responsibilities.

To find out more about the artists involved, the host partners and to follow the programme blog, please visit

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