Reading Session Sharing Humusities

Investigating Humus Communities in Rotterdam Kate Price

zo 19–03–2023

14:00 uur

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

Group Reading Session in het kader van Art Central XL

Research residents Kate Price and Guillem S. Arquer will host a reading group session as part of their ongoing project, Investigating Humus communities in Rotterdam. The gathering takes place in the context of Art Central XL. It will revolve around the notion of humusities, being understood as a term that brings together the many entanglements between humans and humus – the organic component of soil, formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material by soil microorganisms.
Planned as a relaxed lazy hang out (together with snacks!), they have invited a small group of Rotterdam-based colleagues to share short texts that speak to the session’s theme. Guillem and Kate are curious to see how the different textures and forms of the passages may sit, wiggle or talk to each other to form a compost of diverse perspectives, assisting in nurturing their project. The session is open to everyone (with all kinds of engagements appreciated) and you are warmly encouraged to bring along your own texts to share, to add to this collective accumulation. All forms (poetry, science fiction, essay, article, etc…) and voices (yours or someone else’s) are very much welcome.

For more information about our activities during Art Central XL check our event agenda.