Filmscreening MICROCOSMOS

Investigating collective healing after war Diala Brisly

vr 13–10–2023

16:00 uur t/m 18:00 uur

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

INSPIRE Festival Week

Filmstill Microcosmos(c) Daria Pugachova

“Microcosmos” is a documentary movie about life in the post-Soviet neighborhood of Polovky in Poltava (Ukraine) made at the end of 2021, two months before the outbreak of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The artist roams the neighborhood as an astronaut. She talks with residents of Polovky about their dreams, life, and memories of their childhood in the yards where they live. After these encounters the artist performs at a stadium, launching their dreams out to space.

The courtyard is a model of the universe.
People are like planets in it; each has its orbit.
Tell me about your yard; tell me about your dream.
We will launch it into the sky.
I am a part of the cosmos,
just like you.

Daria Pugachova is an multidisciplinary artist, performer and art activist born in Rivne, Ukraine. In her projects, Daria uses participatory practices to unite a community and integrate art into daily life. She works with performance, video and socially engaged arts. Daria is a finalist of Circa x Dazed Class and a winner of the Piccadilly Lights Prize; her video ‘Microcosmos’ was shown at Piccadilly Lights in London in 2022. Daria’s latest projects are based on her experience of war. She explores the topic of freedom and limitation, working towards emotional pain and trauma with the voice, body and ritual.

In a two-month INSPIRE residency at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, a small group of international artists and researchers have investigated the role of art in collective healing from war-related trauma. Diala Brisly, Cindy Horst, Daria Pugachova and Khalid Shatta have collectively created a space to explore the results of this residency at several locations in Rotterdam. The group of artists and researchers aims to exchange with and learn from audiences in their final festival week. Find all public events on the INSPIRE website