Opening Pages Bookstore at the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam

ma, 20-11-2017

Goethe-Institut Amsterdam

Herengracht 470

The story continues

The Pages Bookstore Café is back! After some busy weeks of looking for a new home, the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam provided the pop-up café with the needed space in their library. Now the success story of music, arts and cultural exchange can continue. The reopening will take place at 17.30 on 20 November at the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam on Herengracht 470.
At Pages Bookstore Café in Amsterdam you can discover a new book, stop by for a show, join an Open Mic or organize your own event. Have a cup of coffee! Bring the kids! Pages has enjoyed great success bringing people together in Istanbul. Now it hopes to foster understanding between Dutch citizens, Syrian refugees, and everyone who stops by in the environment of a German cultural institute.
Pages Bookstore Café Amsterdam is a collaboration between founder Samer Al-Kadri, the Prince Claus Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), with support from the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation. Pages Amsterdam called the Prince Claus Fund Gallery its home from June through October 2017.
Starting on 20 November, Pages will be open daily from 11.00 to 22.00 at the Goethe Institute Amsterdam. All Pages events are free and open to all. See Pages Bookstore Café Amsterdam on Facebook for upcoming events.
About the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam
The Goethe-Institut is a German cultural institute that operates worldwide. We promote the German language in Amsterdam and work on the German-Dutch cultural partnership by hosting cultural events in the field of film, dance, music, theatre, literature and translation. One of our main goals is the international discourse about key topics in a globalized society.