Webinar Artificial Intelligence and Libraries

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ma 15-02-2021

11:00 uur - 12:00 uur


Duits-Nederlandse dialoog

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Artificial Intelligence and Libraries

Is Artificial Intelligence good or bad news for libraries?
AI and other evolving technologies will definitely have a strong impact on our future. In this seminar we will explain how AI is changing the way libraries work and how it is changing the services of libraries for their patrons. 
The current most common utilisation of AI in Libraries is the enrichment and linking of metadata, e.g. discovery systems, curation of data, data visualisation. But there is a broader perspective as well: How can Libraries have an impact on the development of trusted and ethical AI? How can libraries play an important role creating AI for the public good and make their clients AI-aware? Moreover, how can libraries position themselves into national AI-Initiatives?

15 februari 2021, 11-12 uur (CET)

  • Erik Boekestijn, Senior Advisor at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag
  • Jan Willem van Wessel, Member of the Board of Directors at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag
  • Prof.Dr. Andreas Degkwitz, Director of the Library of the Humboldt-University Berlin
Libcal Aanmelding webinar 15-02-2021
Moderator: Barbara Lison, Director of Bremen Public Library