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40 Jahre Goethe-Institut Neuseeland
William Direen

Letter to A. Lennon. 1989.
This is the current production I’m working on. It is going well except that I decided early on that everyone would have a little too much to do rather than too little! Very bizzy [sic]. It’s a rather depressing play about a woman who kills her violent but shallow husband then proceeds to kill about a dozen other people who stand in her way to freedom. An allegory for the modern world based on a true story from around 1820.

We have a rehearsal space [thanks to promised support from Goethe Institut] and it feels good—I rather like the work and we have a goodly crew who are all pulling their weight. Some days later—the production has opened and was well-received. I’m hoping to take it on tour. I shall send this off with a programme to give you some food for thought. When I say it is a depressing play I don’t mean our production is that. We dance, sing and drum through it all with much gusto and even humour … 

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