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40 Jahre Goethe-Institut Neuseeland
Heiner Goebbels

hat and andre © Heiner Goebbels
"Basically I never took any pictures on my travels (except some polaroids in the 80ties) and rather wanted to trust my visual memory - until I travelled for the first time to New Zealand, to present Eraritjaritjaka on the Wellington Festival 2006 and to take hundreds of landscape photographs. So this is probably one of my first 'shots' - showing André Wilms and me as well equipped rangers..." 

This text, together with the attached photo from february 22nd 2006, marks the beginning of a personal foto- and travelblog, which I started on my website back then - to successfully avoid other social media channels. It was my first travel to new zealand, thanks to the support of goethe institute, and I was overwhelmed by the impressive beauty of this country. Meanwhile there are more than 3000 images on, but if I could choose a destination for my works it always would be New Zealand again.