PASCH Alumni Conference in Jakarta

„PASCH“ or “Schools: Partners of the Future”, is a project coordinated by the German Foreign Office and jointly run by the ZfA (Central Agency for Schools Abroad), the Goethe-Institut, the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the PAD (Educational Exchange Service).

In 2018 PASCH will celebrate its 10 year anniversary. A large number of  school students have attended one of the 1800 PASCH schools or Partner Schools of excellence in German. They may well have participated in special PASCH events, such as a language course for young people in Germany or a language camp in another country;  they may have attended a concert with bands from Germany. They will almost certainly have made new friends from across language borders. The German Language formed the bridge to these new friendships, it may also have defined the pathway chosen on leaving school. Some students will have taken their German further and may even have ended up studying in Germany.

In October 2017 the region Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand held its first conference for PASCH alumni in Jakarta. Two alumnae from New Zealand were there: Maria Totolici and

Jerry Yelich - O'Connor