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look, this is the place I wanted to show you

Artist: Moki

Moki© Moki / LE MONDE diplomatique
look, this is the place i wanted to show you

wow! it’s gorgeous!

snug as a bug in a fluffy rug


oh, watch out — you’re killing it

hey — it’s melting

shit! it’s changing here too…

i think we are disturbing the equilibrium

we’d better go now

i suppose so

Moki Portrait Moki
Moki was born in 1982 in Brilon. Her comic Sumpfl and will be released by Reprodukt in May 2019. She is a member of the comics collective SPRING. Her main focus is on painting. She has published the monographs Shelter (2017) and How to disappear (2010). She lives with her family in Berlin.